The Alfasud was an important piece of history for Alfa Romeo between 1971 and 1983. A milestone that Portuguese tuner, Alma, is now honouring with a special restomod based on the Alfasud Sprint.

The vehicle is called the Alma Sprint. The name already reveals the inspiration for the sportiest version of the Alfa Romeo Alfasud, or rather its even sportier incarnation: the Sprint 6C. It was a prototype built in the early 1980s in collaboration with Zagato to compete in Group B of the World Rally Championship, only to later abandon the project and the two prototypes produced.

Gallery: Alma Sprint, the restomod of the Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint

The typical features of the original 6C are all present, from the classic truncated rear - a typical Zagato signature - to the more distinctive front end. Compared to the original, the Alma Sprint has an even wider body and smoother surfaces, while retaining sharper and clearer lines. 

The interior has also been redesigned and significantly upgraded compared to the original Alfasud Sprint with Alcantara upholstery, aluminium gear lever (which is used to shift five gears by hand), sports seats and Sabelt 4-point seat belts.


The most obvious change compared to the original Alfa Romeo is on a mechanical level. The engine is in fact a classic boxer mounted under the front bonnet, not the legendary Busso V6 positioned centrally of the Alfa Romeo Sprint 6C. On the other hand, the interior space on offer cannot be criticised.

The 158 PS of the engine, which has been revised and corrected compared to the original and enlarged to 1.8 litres, may not seem like much, but it only has to move 880 kg of weight. Other mechanical changes include forged pistons, a Torsen limited slip front differential, a revised set-up and much more.


The Alma Sprint will be produced in a run of just 20 units, with first deliveries starting in 2025. Prices are yet to be announced, but are unlikely to be cheap. Incidentally, an old (normal) Alfasud Sprint in the plastic version after the facelift is listed at around €12,000 (approx. £10,000) in good condition.

Gallery: Alma Sprint, the restomod of the Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint