In recent months, the all-new Aceman, Countryman and three-door models have dominated the news about Mini. But what will become of the previous five-door model? What the sparrows were already whistling from the rooftops has now been confirmed: its successor is merely a very large facelift of the current model.

In a way, Mini is following the example of the new BMW 1 Series, which is also not a completely new vehicle. With a length of 4,036 mm, a width of 1,744 mm and a height of 1,464 mm, the body dimensions of the future Mini 5-door are almost identical to those of its predecessor.

Gallery: MINI Cooper 5-door (2024)

Compared to the new Mini Cooper 3-door, the wheelbase is 72 mm longer and the body 172 mm longer. Data that benefits the occupants in terms of comfort and space. The rear offers noticeably more interior width, providing comfortable space for three passengers. The 60:40 folding rear seats increase the volume in the luggage compartment from 275 litres to up to 925 litres.

The reduced design of the front end is reminiscent of the new Mini Cooper. It is also characterised by round headlights in the new generation. Together with the octagonal front grille, they form the characteristic Mini face. Standard LED headlights enhance the striking appearance with individually adjustable daytime running light elements. The optional light signatures reinforce the respective vehicle character in three options.

Mini Cooper 5-Türer (2024)

Mini Cooper 3-door and 5-door (2024)

Even before setting off, the car interacts with the driver through a specially orchestrated welcome and goodbye animation. The redesigned exterior mirrors are also striking, while the door handles hint at the old platform. The new Mini Cooper 3-door features folding door handles. The new aesthetics are continued in the rear view with its flush-integrated tail lights. The vertically aligned LED clusters are reminiscent of the classic Mini lights and, like the headlights, can be switched to different settings.

The vehicle can be customised with four different exterior trims. As standard, the Classic trim emphasises the minimalist overall appearance and highlights certain functional parts such as the logo in the colour Vibrant Silver. From the Exclusive Trim upwards, the roof can be selected in black or white as well as the Multitone roof with its unique colour gradient.

MINI Cooper S 5-door. (11/2020)
Mini Cooper 5-door (2024)
Mini Cooper S five-door (2020) vs. Mini Cooper five-door (2024)

In the Exclusive Trim, both the frame of the front grille and specific design elements are in Vibrant Silver. The sporty side of the Mini Cooper 5-door is emphasised by the Sport trim. There are design features such as the striking diffusers at the front and rear as well as the radiator grille surround. For the design of the contrasting roof, the colour Chili Red is available exclusively for this trim.

The tyre diameter has increased compared to the previous model. Aerodynamic wheel designs in sizes between 16 inches and 18 inches offer further equipment options for the exterior.

Mini has also transformed the interior of the five-door model. A round instrument display is in the centre and the characteristic toggle switch strip just underneath form the cockpit. According to Mini, the reduced interior design makes do with fewer components. Behind the steering wheel, a discreet, slim head-up display brings all relevant content into the driver's field of vision. This means that the dashboard on the driver's side does not require an additional instrument panel.

Mini Cooper 5-Türer (2024)

Mini Cooper 5-Türer (2024)

Textile surfaces extend across the curved dashboard and into the door panelling. The air vents have an emphatically flat design. Thanks to their horizontal arrangement, the air in the cockpit is said to flow particularly evenly, and their orientation can be easily adjusted with a flick of the wrist.

The central, high-resolution OLED display has been moved closer to the driver in the redesigned cockpit and is easier to reach. Thanks to Mini Operating System 9, all vehicle functions can be operated intuitively by touch or voice. The thin touch display has a high-quality glass edge and has grown to 240 mm in diameter.

Vehicle-related information is displayed in the upper area. The navigation, media, telephone and climate menu items can be selected directly in the lower section of the OLED display. The display returns to the default setting via the home button.

Mini Cooper 5-Türer (2024)

Mini Cooper 5-Türer (2024)

There will no longer be any manual gearboxes under the redesigned body. As before, there will also be no purely electric version. The new Mini Cooper 5-door will be offered with a choice of two petrol engines. Within the new model family, the performance levels are designated C and S.

The entry-level variant is the Cooper C starting at £24,050 with a 156 PS three-cylinder engine with 230 Nm torque. This enables the vehicle to accelerate from a standstill to 62 mph in 8.0 seconds and reach a top speed of 140 mph.

The Cooper S has a 204 PS four-cylinder engine with a maximum torque of 300 Nm. It completes the sprint to 62 mph in 6.8 seconds and reaches a top speed of 150 mph. Starging price is £28,450 with first customer deliveries commencing in August 2024 for both models.


Max Power (PS)

Peak Torque (Nm)

Acceleration (0-62mph)

Top Speed (mph)

OTR Price

MINI Cooper C



8.0 seconds



MINI Cooper S



6.8 seconds