The Volkswagen ID.2 is ready. The German manufacturer has announced that the €25,000 (approx. £22,000) electric has finished development and will be shown in its final form by the end of the year. From Wolfsburg they also stated with some pride that the production version is more beautiful than the concept thanks to a somewhat retro design strongly inspired by historical models such as the Golf and Polo.

So when does the Volkswagen ID.2 arrive? Actually, we are almost there. In fact, in the brand's plans, the debut is set for 2025 (with a GT version expected in 2026). After a bit of change and rethinking, the accessible electric car is now on the launch pad. What do we know about this model?

Plenty of space in 4 metres

The Volkswagen ID.2 has been designed by Andreas Mindy, a designer with a past at Bentley and Audi who returned to the Wolfsburg brand last year to design the electric vehicles that will replace the current IDs.

Volkswagen ID.2all

Volkswagen ID.2all

In a recent interview with Autocar, Mindt said: "I am very optimistic about the future. My team and I have worked hard to define the look of the car and the result is even better than the concept. I am also very proud of the interior, which is beautiful and also as spacious as a Golf. Indeed, although the car is shorter than a Polo (4.05 metres), it has a more generous wheelbase than the Golf.

But there is more. Volkswagen, on the ID.2, has also fine-tuned some driving modes that change the graphics of the instrumentation, hearkening back to models of the past. For example, you can choose between Classic Mode or Vintage Mode, with the former inspired by the Beetle and the latter by the Golf. 

It will not be the only affordable electric

The Volkswagen ID.2 (the name is still provisional), as mentioned, opens a new era in the field of electric cars in the group. It will be built on the modified MEB platform and will have the same basis as equivalent economy models marketed under other brands such as Cupra and Seat.

Volkswagen ID.2all, the MEB Entry platform

Volkswagen ID.2all, the MEB platform for front-engined compact cars

But Volkswagen is also working on an even less expensive electric car, which will have a starting price of €20,000 (£17,000). Not much is known about this car yet, partly because Volkswagen recently decided to develop it on its own after negotiations with Renault (which would have used the partnership to create the electric Twingo) broke down. but the project is moving ahead and will bear fruit in 2027.

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