Hyundai gives a preview of the name and appearance of its new A-segment electric car for Europe. It is called Inster and promises a range of up to 221 miles (WLTP) on a single charge. So not Ioniq 1, but Inster.

The first official teaser images show us a few, but very interesting details. The world premiere is already planned for the Busan International Mobility Show at the end of this month. The complete vehicle is not yet recognisable, but it is absolutely clear that the model previously sold as "Casper" in South Korea is behind it.

Let's start with the name "Inster". This is a combination of intimate and innovative. The new small car from Hyundai aims to "set new standards in terms of range, technology and safety features, redefining what buyers can expect from a vehicle in this class".

Hyundai Inster, first official pictures

Hyundai Inster, first official pictures

Hyundai talks about a range of 221 miles (WLTP) on a single charge, but that's all we know at the moment. The Inster is an evolution of the petrol-powered Casper and will retain the name Casper Electric in Korea.

The pictures show a robust but very compact SUV profile with the typical LED daytime running lights, indicators and rear lights with pixel graphics. We got a glimpse of what the Inster might look like some time ago through prototype photos and then tried to visualise it with a rendering.

<p>Hyundai, the first spy photos of the electric Casper</p>
<p>Hyundai Casper electric,'s illustration</p>

At the moment we don't have any official information about the interior yet, but the prototype photos show a new dashboard with the instrument cluster display protruding from the camouflage, while the central infotainment monitor appears slightly larger. However, both screens appear to have been kept rather plain for cost reasons.

<p>New electric Hyundai, first spy photos</p>

The Korean electric car (Hyundai's smallest battery-powered car) will challenge rivals of the calibre of the Fiat 500 Electric, the new Citroën e-C3 and the Mini Cooper SE, as well as the Renault 5 E-Tech Electric. It will therefore also be very interesting to find out the prices and equipment of the Inster. We should know more in the course of 2024, also with regard to the market launch of the Inster in Europe.

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