In recent days, there has been talk of a performance SUV from Toyota to augment the exciting GR family. It looks like the Land Cruiser could be the one, but we show you our preference: the GR RAV4. 

In the main image illustrating this article, you can see an interesting digital recreation created by Rotislav Prokop and published on the Hotcars website. The sporty aesthetics combine with a lower ground clearance and a specific chassis to achieve better dynamism. 

Two-tone bodywork, a bumper with a large central air intake and two side air intakes to cool the brakes, larger tyres and black alloy wheels make the docile hybrid SUV an all-rounder with clear sporting intentions. 

Gallery: Toyota RAV4 GR Sport

Supra's mechanicals

Which engine would we choose? We'd definitely go for the Supra's 3-litre six-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, sourced from BMW, which develops 340 PS in the sports car. Equally, the eight-speed torque converter automatic transmission from German specialist ZF would be a perfect choice. 

It should be remembered that Toyota can launch non-hybrid versions on the market because it meets the range's average pollutant emissions perfectly, thanks to its numerous hybrid and plug-in hybrid models. For this reason, it has the licence to keep the GR Yaris (280 PS) and the Supra, not forgetting the now discontinued GR86. 

Back to the GR RAV4, it would be a very exciting SUV, but it would not lose its practicality, with spacious rear seats and a good boot. It would be a great rival for the Skoda Kodiaq RS should it be launched when the new generation of the Czech model debuts.

GR RAV4 price

With no hybridisation, the GR RAV4 will have to make do with the DGT's C label, which may make it difficult to use in the city, although this version is designed to get the most out of it on twisty, technical roads.

The tuning would be provided by Gazoo Racing engineers and we would assume that it would not be a radical SUV in this respect, to maintain sufficient comfort for long journeys. Price? Considering that the 309 PS RAV4 plug-in hybrid is priced at €59,900 with the sporty-looking GR SPORT trim (see photo gallery), it would make sense to put the GR RAV4 on sale for €65,000 - €70,000 (£55,000 - £60.000).   

Source: Hotcars