We are immersed in a revolution in the automotive world, which has clearly shifted towards electricity as the main source of energy to power cars. And while manufacturers are making a major effort to meet the requirements of institutions and the public, the truth is that this is not enough.

It seems clear that this whole electric 'revolution' has to be accompanied by other equally important factors. Actors such as fast charging networks must accompany this new trend and here, companies such as Gravity Technologies are vital.

You may not be familiar with Gravity Technologies, but you should know that last March, Gravity Technologies inaugurated the fastest electric vehicle charging station in the United States. Now, it is also surprising us with a new ultra-fast charger for city pavements. This new on-street charging system could be called urban 'charging trees' and here are the first images.

Gallery: On-street charging points Gravity Technologies

The curious design of these vertical charging points makes them particularly useful for installation on public roads, something that will be appreciated by electric car users who do not have their own parking space with a personal electric charging point.

Gravity Technologies envisions a near future in which tens of thousands of on-street parking spaces in cities will have a fast-charging point, and is "looking to develop a DEAP on-street charging network that is more extensive than Tesla's current Supercharger network".

According to the data, the company is partnering with Rangr Studio, which has developed the design of a vertical, pole-like system with an articulated arm, which circumvents potential trouble spots, from taking up minimal space, to servicing an electric vehicle regardless of where it has its charging socket and preventing vandalism thanks to the pole-like design.

"Right now, US cities are opting for the curbside charging that drivers will be using for decades to come," says Moshe Cohen, founder and CEO of Gravity. "Unfortunately, many are looking for outdated Level 2 overnight charging with wires cluttering pavements that don't fit the needs of urban EV drivers. Electric vehicle drivers need and deserve much better".

These DEAP (Distributed Energy Access Points) 'trees' mount distributed energy access points on poles at the curbside. An articulated arm holds the charging cable above the street and pivots down when it's time to plug it in. Gravity says the solution requires no grid upgrades, and offers 200 kW charging for a range of up to 200 miles (322km) in 13 minutes or in just five minutes recharging at 500 kW peak power.

On-street charging points Gravity Technologies

"With even partial adoption by US cities, this product alone could quickly become the largest fast-charging network in the US, eclipsing even Tesla's Supercharger network," Cohen added.

The solution is compatible with any make or model of electric vehicle currently on the market, while according to the manufacturer it is suitable for on-street and residential parking.

According to Gravity Technologies, its 'charging trees' are designed to host other smart city technologies, such as LED street lighting, public wifi and 5G, environmental sensors, public address systems and traffic cameras.