• Length: 4,606 mm
  • Width: 1,931 mm
  • Height: 2,042 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,890 mm
  • Luggage compartment: 640/1,941

Born in 1979, the Mercedes G-Class is a true off-road legend, a model capable of crossing eras without ever betraying its DNA. Both mechanically and stylistically, what has changed generation after generation has been the technology and dimensions.

In its 45-year career it has grown, without ever exaggerating, to its current length of 4.6 metres. Like an average SUV, it offers good interior space.

Mercedes G-Class 2024: the dimensions  

The current generation Mercedes G-Class is 4.6 metres (4,606 mm) long, 1.93 metres (1,931 mm) wide, 2 metres (2,042 mm) high and with a wheelbase - the distance from front wheel centre to rear wheel centre - of 2.89 metres (2,890 mm). Dimensions that, as mentioned, place it in the segment of medium SUVs like the GLC (11 cm longer). But don't call the Mercedes G-Class an 'SUV' and watch out for the spare wheel perched on the tailgate. It is an iconic detail for the Mercedes G-Class, but it 'lengthens' it by some 20 cm to a total of 4.82 metres

<p>Mercedes G-Class 2024, the front</p>

Mercedes G-Class 2024, the front

<p>Mercedes G-Class 2024, the rear with the spare wheel </p>

Mercedes G-Class 2024, the rear with the spare wheel

Mercedes G-Class 2024, roominess and luggage compartment

Off-roaders do not follow fashions by succumbing to the allure of coupé bodywork. The shapes in fact follow function: to make everything around them perceivable. So there are sharp surfaces, vertical sides and a roof perfectly parallel to the ground. On the one hand, this is the case. On the other, the body-on-frame chassis brings a height from the ground that makes the expression "getting in" the car take on a literal meaning and, once on board, you realise how the centimetres available to the legs of those sitting behind are not so abundant.

<p>Mercedes G-Class 2024, the interior</p>

Mercedes G-Class 2024, the interior

In terms of height, however, even a professional basketball player would have no problem. Whoever sits in the middle does not have to fight with the transmission tunnel, nor with strange curves on the seat and backrest. There is also no lack of air vents and USB sockets.

The luggage compartment has a capacity of at least 640 litres, but it is a pity that the hinged door on the left side makes loading and unloading difficult if you are parked in tight spaces. The floor is definitely high off the ground but is very even in shape and well equipped with hooks, rings and a 12-volt socket.

<p>Mercedes G-Class 2024, the boot</p>

Mercedes G-Class 2024, the boot

In terms of engines, the recently updated Mercedes G-Class 2024 only features electrified engines, both petrol and diesel. The exception is the 4.4-litre, 585-litre V8 of the G63 AMG. The drive is naturally all-wheel drive, with three differential locks. Then the biggest highlight in the 45-year career of the G-Class recently debuted: the G580, a 100 per cent electric version of the German off-roader with 587 PS and 1,000 Nm of torque. In this case the dimensions are reduced by a handful of centimetres.

Version Power supply Power Transmission
G 450 d 3.0 6-cylinder diesel 367 PS  Automatic 9-speed
G 500 3.0 6-cylinder petrol 449 PS Automatic 9-speed
G63 AMG 4.4 V8 petrol  585 PS Automatic 9-speed
G 580 Electric 587 PS -

Mercedes G-Class 2024, competitors with similar dimensions

Premise: we will not talk about SUVs when mentioning the Mercedes G-Class' competitors. The only exception is the Land Rover Defender, which with the new generation has dispensed with the body-on-frame chassis but remains an off-road icon. For the rest, size does not matter. The alternatives to the G-Class are more or less long, the discriminating factor being that they are hardcore off-roaders. The group includes the American Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler, the British Ineos Fusilier (electric) and Grenadier, the Japanese Toyota Land Cruiser and the ICH-X K2.

Mercedes G-Class 4.6 metres 640/1,941 litres
Ford Bronco 4.81 metres 504/1,780 litres
Land Rover Defender 110 4.64 metres 786/1,875 litres
ICH-X K2 4.64 metres 532/litres
Ineos Fusilier 4.89 metres n.a./n.a. litres
Ineos Grenadier 4.89 metres 463/2,035 litres
Jeep Wrangler 4.88 metres 533/1,582 litres
Toyota Land Cruiser 4.92 metres 485/1,579 litres

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