A few days ago, we told you about a hypothetical Suzuki Jimny pick-up (see bottom of this text in the related links) and the truth is that your interest was absolute. That's why today we want to show you an even more special version, the Suzuki Jimny Raptor. 

As you can see in the image, it is also a boxy variant of the Japanese 4x4, but aesthetically based on the spectacular Ford Ranger Raptor. Wait, don't go running to the dealer to ask as it is only a digital creation, the work of specialists MP Design & Music. 

We're sorry for the disappointment, but we'll make do with a look at all the special components that go into this flagship 4x4 - what we'd give for it to be mass-produced!

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Ready for a Baja

Let's start with the spectacular grille that joins the two circular headlights. Personally, I would have changed the 'Ford' lettering to 'Suzuki', but that can be fixed with Photoshop. Note also the spectacular skid plate, which not only fits like a glove, but also has a protective function. 

And what about that strip of auxiliary headlights anchored to the roof! We also think it's a real stunner, as do the huge off-road tyres with small black alloy wheels. In order to integrate them into the overall design, the designer has fitted oversized wheel arches. 

In this case, the bodywork is a single cab in order to make the off-road angles worse than the production three-door Jimny. What do you think of the end result? I'd ride this car on the fly!

An anthological preparation

Of course, the small engine bay would be incompatible with the Ranger Raptor's V6 or diesel engine, so we'd have to make do with the standard Jimny: a 1.5-litre, 102 PS naturally aspirated petrol engine paired with a five-speed manual gearbox.

In return, it would retain connectable all-wheel drive, rigid axles and recirculating ball-bearing steering. Add those off-road wheels and the Suzuki Jimny Raptor looks even more unstoppable in any off-road challenge.

We don't dare to give a possible price for this preparation, we just inform you that the Jimny is on sale in the UK as a commercial vehicle from £22,299. And if you want to see how the guys at MP Design & Music have created this special pick-up, just watch the video below.

Source: MP Design & Music