The Green NCAP tests continue and a new round of results tells us how efficient two Chinese market novelties are: the Zeekr 001 and the Zeekr X. Both scored very high marks (95 per cent and 96 per cent respectively) and took home an impressive five Green Stars.

Alongside them, the Honda CR-V in e:HEV version and the Fiat Doblò Combi 1.5 Blue HDi diesel were put to the test, which instead stopped at 2.5 Green Stars.

Zeekr 001 and Zeekr X in the Green NCAPs

So let's start with the new entrants to the market: the Zeekr 001 and the X. Green NCAP tested the long-range rear-wheel-drive version of the 001 saloon and found that it has a useful battery capacity of 96 kW and offers an average range of 329 miles, as measured by Green NCAP. This increased in short urban journeys to 420 miles and decreased to 209 miles in very cold temperatures.

In the battery capacity test, the electrical energy of 110.7 kWh required for a full battery recharge and the measured usable battery energy of 99 kWh gave the vehicle an appreciable output efficiency of 89.4 per cent. The Zeekr 001 achieved an overall score of 95% and 5 Green Stars.

Zeekr 001, Green NCAP's comprehensive assessment.
Green NCAP ratings on the Zeekr X

Green NCAP ratings on the Zeekr X

Green NCAP Honda CR-V, Fiat Doblò, Zeekr 001 and X

Green NCAP ratings on the Zeekr 001

The Zeekr X, a premium urban crossover, was tested in the long-haul, rear-wheel-drive version with a declared usable battery capacity of 65 kWh and a range estimated by Green-NCAP at 219 miles. In motorway driving, the range decreased to 174 miles and to around 155 miles in the cold environment test at -7°C. Green NCAP's battery capacity test revealed a usable capacity of 66.4 kWh, slightly higher than the figure claimed by the Chinese brand. The Zeekr X achieved an overall score of 96 per cent and five Green Stars.

Zeekr X, Green NCAP's comprehensive assessment.

Honda CR-V in Green NCAP

During testing, the Honda CR-V in e:HEV version demonstrated "adequate and robust control of gaseous pollutants". However, being an SUV, this affected the car's petrol consumption. The figure of 9.8 l/100 km in the motorway tests cost Honda many points in terms of fuel efficiency and in the end it scored 44% overall and 2.5 Green Stars.

Honda CR-V, Green NCAP's comprehensive evaluation
Green NCAP Honda CR-V, Fiat Doblò, Zeekr 001 and X

The Honda CR-V during Green NCAP testing

Fiat Doblò in Green NCAP

The Fiat Doblò, a car designed on a van, was tested in the Doblò Combi 1.5 Blue HDi diesel FWD manual version. Like other fossil fuel cars, it suffered most from greenhouse gas emissions, especially CO2, and from fuel consumption.

Green NCAP Honda CR-V, Fiat Doblò, Zeekr 001 and X

The Fiat Doblò during testing of

One positive aspect that was found was that exhaust emissions were 'impressively managed' and, like the CR-V, remained well below legal limits and Green NCAP thresholds. A further improvement in emission control during cold starts could have given it an even higher score than the current 8.6 out of 10. The Doblò thus achieved an overall score of 42 per cent and 2.5 Green Stars.

Fiat Doblò, Green NCAP's comprehensive rating.

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