Whether it's an all-new generation - codenamed F70 - or a heavy restyling matters little, the interior of the new BMW 1 Series changes a great deal compared to the previous version. From the dashboard dominated by the classic curved screen adopted by other models in the range to the almost complete disappearance of physical buttons, the changes are numerous and substantial.

Let's now take a look at how the interior of the 2024 BMW 1 Series is evolving.

BMW 1 Series 2024, the dashboard

This is by far the area that has benefited most from the updates to the BMW 1 Series, with the adoption of the curved display made up of two screens placed side by side, in a virtually transparent manner. The first, dedicated to digital instrumentation, has a diagonal measurement of 10.25 inches, while the second, dedicated to infotainment, measures 10.7 inches. A head-up display is also available.


The driver-oriented system is based on the new BMW Operating System 9, enhanced by new connected functions, revised graphics and the new QuickSelect interface, which provides direct access to numerous functions without having to navigate through various sub-menus, as was the case with BMW's previous operating systems. Everything is done using touch or voice commands. On the new BMW 1 Series too, the classic iDrive knob usually located on the centre tunnel has disappeared.

Connectivity allows the software to be updated via OTA (over the air), enriching the system with new functions (free or paid), even if only for certain periods or if you can try them out for free for a month before deciding whether or not to buy them. Features such as music and video streaming, news and games are included. In some countries, it will also be possible to pay digitally for parking spaces or petrol.

This digitisation operation has led to the disappearance of many physical buttons, including those for managing the air conditioning. The central tunnel has also been redesigned, with the manual gear lever replaced by a small selector to free up space.

<p>BMW 1 Series 2024, the front seats</p>

BMW 1 Series 2024, front seats

<p>BMW 1 Series 2024, the new gear selector</p>

BMW 1 Series 2024, the new gear selector


As mentioned, the 2024 BMW 1 Series is always connected, allowing updates and new features to be downloaded without having to visit the workshop. There's no shortage of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay mirror systems, of course.

BMW 1 Series 2024  
Digital instrumentation 10.25-inch
Head-up display Yes
Central monitor 10.7-inch
Mirror screen Android Auto 
Apple CarPlay 
Voice assistant Yes

BMW 1 Series 2024, quality and materials

While we wait to see it in person, we know that the new BMW 1 Series does not have genuine leather upholstery as standard. With the option - depending on the trim - of materials such as Veganza (similar to leather) and Alcantara, standard for the M135i xDrive. Sports seats with recycled polyester cover and upholstery are available as an option, as are M sports seats.

BMW 1 Series 2024, the space

Despite a 5 cm increase in length - 4.36 metres compared with 4.31 metres previously - the new BMW 1 Series with mild hybrid engine sees its load capacity decrease from 380 to 300 litres in five-seat configuration, to 1,135 litres when the rear seats are folded down in 40/20/20 configuration. For the M135i xDrive and 118d, the only non-electrified models, the values remain identical to those of the previous generation: from a minimum of 380 to a maximum of 1,200 litres.

<p>BMW 1 Series 2024, the rear seats</p>

BMW 1 Series 2024, rear seats

<p>BMW 1 Series 2024, the boot</p>

BMW 1 Series 2024, the boot

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