Dacia London West, the latest flagship retailer of the brand in the United Kingdom, officially opened its doors. The ceremony was graced by distinguished figures including Laura Popescu, the Romanian Ambassador to the UK, the Mayor of Hounslow, Karen Smith, and Tony Louki, Councillor for Osterley and Spring Grove Ward.

The trio, alongside senior Dacia representatives and enthusiastic members of the local community, declared the new facility open for business. This new site is set to accommodate both Dacia and Renault brands, reinforcing the Renault Group's presence in the region.

Gallery: Dacia's new flagship showroom in London

“June 4 was a great day for Dacia, our customers and everyone who wants to switch to an electric car. Combining the official opening of orders for the game-changing Spring and that of our flagship retailer shows how dedicated Dacia is to giving UK car buyers what they really want and need,” Luke Broad, Dacia Brand Director for the UK, commented.

Adding to the festive atmosphere, the event showcased the UK public debut of the revised Spring. Priced at £14,995, this is the cheapest new electric vehicle money can buy in Britain.

Situated in a prime location along the A4 in Brentford, the nearly one-acre site is easily accessible and boasts impressive features. The facility includes a sophisticated 10-ramp workshop equipped with an MOT testing lane and eight EV charging points. Additionally, it offers an undercover display area capable of showcasing up to 80 used vehicles. The 3,078 square metre facility partially relies on solar power, harnessing energy from 28 solar panels installed on its sizeable roof.

The launch event also introduced the knowledgeable team behind Dacia London West. Comprising 36 experienced professionals, the team collectively boasts nearly 200 years of expertise in the automotive industry, promising top-notch service to customers.

Gallery: Dacia Spring (2024)