For Alfa Romeo, this is the year of the B-SUV Junior. In 2026, we will see the new Stelvio. Following this, an electric SUV based on the STLA Large or a C-segment family saloon could arrive in 2027.

The number one of Alfa Romeo, Jean-Philippe Imparato, said this during an interview with Autocar, specifying that a final decision on what form this model will take will be made by the end of this year.

Will it be a large SUV?

The hypothesis of a large SUV rival to the Porsche Cayenne remains the most likely at the moment. Thanks to the STLA Large platform from Stellantis, the new Alfa Romeo could benefit from ultrafast charging, a range of high-powered engines and large batteries.

"The question is: will we increase in size? For me the answer is yes, we have to go up. We have everything: the platform, the engines, the software. We can push the envelope and I have some design sketches that are very good", Imparato said.

On what this decision depends

In the coming months, Imparato will make the decision based on a few key factors, which he explained in the interview. First of all, it will be necessary to see how electrification will proceed in North America; then it will take into account the performance of the Asian market and, finally, the popularity of large SUVs in Europe.

"The alternative is to go back to the C saloon, because we have everything: compact, saloon, C-SUV, D-SUV", he added, hinting that any future saloon using the STLA Medium platform could open the door to a Duetto spider.

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