Following on from the GTX Tourer estate a few months ago, the saloon version of the Volkswagen ID.7 GTX makes its debut with 340 PS. The powertrain is the same as that of the estate, with all-wheel drive provided by a motor for each axle and a new 86 kWh (net) battery. 

This is the same as that fitted to the ID.7 Pro S, another new car presented by Volkswagen, which focuses not on power and performance, but on range. Official figures claim a range of 441 miles, the highest in the entire range.

Volkswagen ID.7 GTX

The new Volkswagen ID.7 GTX is instantly recognisable thanks to specific styling changes. Firstly, the new 20-inch alloy wheels, followed by the modified light signature specific to this version. Redesigned bumpers, new aerodynamic appendages and the Kings Red colour, which comes as standard, are also part of the package.

The character continues in the cabin with sporty, heated seats with contrasting red stitching, a steering wheel with dedicated trim, 30-colour ambient lighting and a range of standard equipment including a head-up display with augmented reality, the IDA voice assistant with integrated ChatGPT, dual-zone automatic climate control and a keyless entry system. The specifications shown are for the German market, for the French version there could be some changes.

Volkswagen ID.7 GTX berlina

Volkswagen ID.7 GTX saloon

What certainly won't change is the powertrain, shared with the ID.7 GTX Tourer and made up of a 109 PS asynchronous front motor and a 286 PS permanent magnet synchronous rear motor, for a total of 340 PS. They are powered by an 86 kWh lithium-ion battery, giving a claimed range of 370 miles, calculated according to the WLTP cycle and a charge of up to 200 kW. Top speed is not given, but we do know that the 0 to 62 mph time is 5.4 seconds.

Volkswagen ID.7 Pro S

The same 86 kWh battery but a single, rear-mounted 286 PS motor are the special features of the new Volkswagen ID.7 Pro S, available as a saloon and estate.

The presence of a single motor and a more powerful battery mean that the car has a range of 441 miles, exceeding the 435 mile (700 km) mark. These figures are, of course, calculated according to the WLTP cycle, from which around 20% must be subtracted to obtain the actual figures.

According to Volkswagen UK, specification for the GTX saloon "may vary and will be confirmed soon".

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