Cadillac is making a bold return to the European premium automotive sector with its latest electric crossover, the Cadillac Optiq. Set to hit the United Kingdom by the end of this year, this new model is poised to make a significant impact. For the first time, Cadillac will offer the Optiq in right-hand drive configuration right from the factory, alongside its larger counterpart, the Lyriq SUV.

The Optiq is designed to have a global presence, being available in over ten regions worldwide, including its European debut in Paris this week. Jaclyn McQuaid, President and Managing Director of GM Europe, expressed enthusiasm about the launch. "As part of Cadillac’s all-electric entry into Europe, we are excited to host Optiq’s debut in Paris. We look forward to providing European specifications and opening sales for Optiq later this year," she announced.

Gallery: 2024 Cadillac Optiq

Built on General Motors' advanced Ultium platform, the Optiq boasts solid performance and efficiency. It features two electric motors, one on each axle, delivering a combined output of 300 PS and 480 Nm of torque. The crossover is equipped with an 85 kWh battery, offering a substantial range of 298 miles on a single charge. Additionally, its fast-charging capability allows it to regain 78 miles of range in just 10 minutes, making it a practical option for long-distance travel.

Cadillac's previous attempts to penetrate the European market have faced challenges, particularly with adapting to the right-hand drive configuration required for the United Kingdom. This time, however, the Optiq and other new models will be factory-built with a right-hand drive from the start, eliminating this traditional hurdle.

“Cadillac has always defined American luxury, and Optiq is an example of how our bold innovative spirit is propelling us into the EV future,” John Roth, vice president at Cadillac, commented. “Over the past five years, Cadillac has welcomed approximately one million new customers to the family globally, while our percentage of younger buyers has increased 5 per cent in the US. The Optiq will be an important gateway to attract luxury EV intenders to Cadillac as we look to offer a fully electric portfolio by the end of the decade.”