How we'd love to see the Suzuki Jimny range grow! In addition to 'our' three-door version, there's a five-door version for emerging markets (see photo gallery below), but we'd also like an even longer seven-seater and, why not, a pick-up. 

The latter version would be by far the cheapest in its segment and would be useful not only for farm and livestock work, but also for fun off-road excursions on our days off. 

Suzuki Jimny pick-up, render

Here you can see the Jimny pick-up in digital format, just as a recreation, with a double cab and a small rear bed, which should not reach a load capacity of around 1,000 kilos, as the benchmarks in this segment achieve. 

The rigid rear axle should be suitably reinforced to withstand more demanding treatment, but otherwise nothing should change. Thus, the beam and crossmember chassis, the linkable all-wheel drive with reduction gearbox, the rigid front axle and the recirculating-ball steering should be retained.

Gallery: 2023 Suzuki Jimny 5-Door

To achieve this low price, there would be no mechanical changes, i.e. the modest 1.5-litre 102 PS naturally aspirated petrol engine would continue, paired to a five-speed manual gearbox. In some markets, a four-speed automatic transmission is also available.

It is a pity, but Suzuki will never consider the Jimny pick-up, even though other brands, such as Kia, will soon be entering this market niche as the new Korean model will be called Tasman

Aesthetically, this Jimny pick-up would maintain the family's successful retro styling, as well as the straight-lined boxy format that has been so popular in markets around the world. In fact, many 4x4s have gone on to follow suit, such as the new Toyota Land Cruiser

The three-door Jimny is still on sale in the UK as a commercial vehicle from £22,299 with a maximum speed of 90 mph, only two front seats, and mesh partition between the seats and the boot.