Recent data shows that over the past five years, more than 9 million drivers in the United Kingdom have been nabbed for speeding. The year 2023 alone saw 2.1 million speeding offences, marking the highest number recorded since 2019. This spike represents a 24 per cent increase compared to 2019, highlighting that speeding remains a persistent problem on UK roads.

One of the most striking findings of a new survey by is that 30 mph zones are the most frequently breached, with nearly 4 million drivers caught speeding in these areas since 2019. This statistic underscores the danger in residential zones where safety is paramount. In fact, over half of the offenders (51 per cent) were caught speeding in residential neighbourhoods, aligning with data from police reports.

To delve deeper into the issue, conducted an experiment to test drivers' ability to judge speed without relying on their speedometers. The results were eye-opening, revealing that drivers often misjudge their speed, typically exceeding the limit by up to 6 mph when relying solely on their perception. 

Adding to the insights, a survey of 2,000 UK motorists uncovered that 28 per cent of drivers admit to occasionally breaking the speed limit, while 12 per cent do so frequently. The reasons behind this behaviour range from ignorance of the speed limit to simply following the flow of traffic. Some drivers also admitted to underestimating the presence of police or speed cameras, leading them to take chances they might otherwise avoid.

“More than 2 million drivers were caught speeding last year, so there’s no denying that it’s still a problem on our roads. As our latest experiment revealed, it’s not always easy to judge your speed through an educated guess. So why do so many drivers choose to ignore road signs and their speedometers? Our latest research found that drivers speed for a variety of reasons. This includes exceeding the limit because they don’t agree with the speed of the zone, or because they know the roads will be quiet. But you should never risk speeding at any time," Louise Thomas, motor expert at, commented.

These findings highlight a significant challenge for road safety authorities. The persistent issue of speeding not only endangers lives but also suggests a need for enhanced awareness and enforcement. As UK roads become busier, the importance of adhering to speed limits cannot be overstated. The data serves as a critical reminder for drivers to be vigilant and mindful of their speed, ensuring safer journeys for everyone.