Have you ever seen a wind turbine without blades? Probably not. Yet there is an American start-up, born in Michigan in 2021, that's making news with this very special solution. It's called Aeromine Technologies and it has just won a $9 million (approx. £7 million) funding round to increase the production of its creature.

Dubbed "Aeromine", the invention can be installed on the flat roofs of buildings such as apartment blocks, warehouses, factories, offices, hospitals, shopping centres and so on. With 400 projects in the pipeline, the company plans to sell its special wind turbines in North America and Europe by 2025. Let's take a look at how they work.

The secrets of the Aeromine wind turbine

Installed in the direction of the main wind, the bladeless wind turbines capture and convert air currents, amplified by their own aerodynamic units and by the building itself, to generate electricity on site using a high-efficiency 5 kW permanent magnet rotor and stator. The image below provides a better understanding of the mechanism.

Aeromine, the bladeless wind turbine

The yellow arrow indicates an air flow that has an impact on the building and is amplified before being captured by Aeromine.


Aeromine turbines have an output of 50 kW, weigh 450 kg and can withstand winds of up to 47 mph, or even close to 62 mph, depending on individual specifications. They can be installed in series of 20 to 40 units and combined with a photovoltaic systemWe look forward to seeing them in our towns and cities in 2025.