Until now, the new Transporter has only been presented to us with a generous camouflage vinyl wrap. Today, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is giving us a closer look at the T7 itself and describing the idea behind its design, which is said to be inspired by its T1, T5 and T6.1 ancestors.

It's a bit curious. In fact, we already know a lot about the new professional darling of all tradespeople, which has been developed in cooperation with Ford and in parallel with their Transit/Tourneo Custom. We've already had a look at the interior, and we've also been informed of the dimensions and load volume. Even the price of this champion of cargo, which will be launched in early 2025, is known. We've summed it all up for you in this article.

But up until now, the appearance of this new generation of light commercial vehicles was still a little hazy. That's about to change, at least a little. We get a bit of visuals, a video and the corresponding explanations from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles' chief designer, Albert Kirzinger.

"The seventh generation takes the typical design features of the six predecessors and reinterprets them in detail. It's a tradition - every new Volkswagen Transporter has always been a visual renewal, a stylistic bridge between a long history, the present and the future. That's precisely what has kept this series young for more than eight decades and made it the most successful Transporter series in its class in the world," explains the man behind the T7's design.

VW T7 Transporter (2024) Teaser
VW T7 Transporter (2024) Teaser

The shape of the radiator grille is briefly reminiscent of the T5 and the iconic clarity of the T1, says Kirzinger. The headlamps are slightly lower and more horizontal than those of the Ford Transit, its platform brother.

As for the side of the van, which measures between 5,050 mm and 5,450 mm in length, the head of design explains, "As on the T6.1, we have drawn a line down the side starting from the upper edge of the headlights. It continues all the way to the rear. Above this, a pronounced rectilinear curve appears. It divides the upper and lower parts of the bodywork and pays homage to the T1".

The new range of wheels includes 16-, 17- and 19-inch rims. In the photos, we see the "Indianapolis" 19-inch light-alloy wheel as "particularly striking", with a shiny turned rim and six black spokes and inner surfaces.

As on the T6.1 and Crafter, the fuel filler flap on diesel and plug-in hybrid versions is integrated into the B-pillar area. The charging flap on the plug-in hybrid and purely electric models is located below the right headlight.

On the subject of electric propulsion, this is likely to be taken from the Ford E-Transit. In this case, a 64 kWh battery (range: 205 miles) and 134 or 215 PS electric motors would be on board.

Gallery: VW T7 Transporter (2024) Teaser

At the rear, the seventh Volkswagen Transporter looks sleeker and tidier than the Transit. The commercial vehicle will once again be available with a tailgate and hinged rear door. The shape of the rear lights, with LED dots on the side, should create a stylistic bridge with the T5.

On the seventh Transporter, form must always follow function. Take, for example, the tailgate or the double-wing rear door: their cut-out extends well into the bumper, giving a low load sill of between 575 mm and 638 mm (depending on the version).

As already mentioned, the new Transporter will go on sale in the first quarter of 2025, starting at €36,780 (approx. £31,300 at the current exchange rate) in Germany.