A drop off in competitiveness over the past two Formula 1 weekends despite bringing upgrades should send the alarm bells ringing at Aston Martin, reckons Fernando Alonso.

Aston Martin brought an upgrade package to Imola, but so did many of its direct rivals, which meant that in the relative game of in-season development, the Silverstone-based squad hasn't been able to make any progress on the timesheets.

The AMR24 has also proven harder to set up and drive, with both Alonso and team-mate Lance Stroll having similar complaints of how the car proved tough to keep balanced throughout corners, shifting from oversteer on entry to mid-corner understeer.

The Aston's recalcitrant behaviour was underlined by Alonso's uncharacteristic accident in Imola FP3 practice, which derailed the rest of his weekend.

In Monaco, where confidence in the car is everything, Aston didn't fare much better as both drivers were unable to move up from qualifying outside the top 10.

"These two weekends have been crucial to understand our weaknesses, to understand the car, to improve," Alonso said after finishing just out of the points in 11th.

"In the difficulties you always draw more conclusions than in the victories, so we are learning a lot I think for the rest of the year, 2025 and 2026.

"These two races have been a big wake-up call and it will be very good for us."

Fernando Alonso at Monaco GP 2024

Alonso said he is not expecting a fast turnaround, revealing it will take "a few races" for Aston to roll out its next big upgrade package.

"[We had] some doubts after Imola and in Monaco that we didn't manage to go fast, and we have to try to change this trend," the two-time world champion said.

"It will take us a few races until we introduce a significant improvement in the car, but until then we have to give everything and we have to improve on the track to get the results.

"There will be better days, worse days and we have to be united."

Asked to give his view on the AMR24's handling difficulties, Stroll replied: "It's been more of a challenge for sure [to keep the car balanced].

"Some entry oversteer, some corner understeer, kerb riding, just the usual things to keep working on. It's a little bit of a trickier balance than the car we had last year for sure."