The core of the BMW Motorrad brand is and remains the boxer engine. The R20 concept study impressively demonstrates that the company is aware of this and has designed a breathtaking motorbike around the "big boxer" that is hard to beat in terms of coolness.

"Casual gentleman style" - this is how the BMW press release describes the design of the R20 concept. And for once, we can wholeheartedly agree. Typical BMW Motorrad attributes can be found in this machine: classic design and excellent engineering paired with inspiring mechanics.

Gallery: BMW R20 Concept Motorrad

The design is based on a sculptural tank made of aluminium, which strongly highlights the big boxer in the epicentre. The rear is reduced to the essentials. The rear light has been seamlessly integrated into the individual seat upholstered in quilted black Alcantara and fine-grain leather, emphasising the dynamic roadster appearance.

The LED headlamp takes the form of a 3D-printed aluminium ring with integrated daytime running light, while the main headlamp appears to float in the middle of this daytime running light ring. The result is a classic, clean roadster style that offers beautiful contrasts with its modern elements.

"The BMW R20 concept is a mechanical masterpiece. The big boxer is at the centre. Unmistakably BMW Motorrad." (Markus Flasch, Head of BMW Motorrad)

The heart of the BMW R20 concept continues to be the air-oil-cooled Big Boxer engine, now with a displacement of 2.0 litres (hence the R20). New cylinder head covers, a new belt cover and a new oil cooler were developed for the concept bike, also to enable the oil lines to be partially concealed.

The side view is an interesting highlight as the eye follows the path of the air as it flows through the open intake funnels into the throttle valves and the cylinders, before escaping from the open exhaust system and the megaphone-style tailpipes, producing the typical big boxer sound.

The chassis has been completely redeveloped and forms the backbone with a black double-loop main frame made of chrome-molybdenum steel pipes. While a black disc wheel turns at the rear, a spoked wheel is mounted at the front, again bridging the gap between tradition and modernity. A modified BMW Paralever and the classic, exposed cardan shaft are also on board. 

If BMW Motorrad wants to show fans a glimpse of the future Boxer design with this study, the fan community can sit back and look forward to it.