British motorists now have an unprecedented array of electric vehicles to choose from, with nearly a third (29.3 per cent) of new car models on the market being zero emission, according to a recent analysis by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). A total of 102 models with an electric propulsion can be found on the UK market right now. This marks a significant increase from the mere 16 electric models available in 2014, reflecting substantial industry investment in electrified technologies aimed at achieving clean transport and net-zero emissions.

The expanding BEV market encompasses every car segment, from superminis to compact crossovers, luxury saloons, and sports cars. This variety is set to increase further with numerous electric model launches anticipated in the coming years. The UK, as Europe's second-largest new electric car market by volume, plays a pivotal role in this transition. Last year, the number of zero-emission cars on the UK roads reached a record 960,896, and the one-millionth EV was sold in February this year.

In 2024, demand for new BEVs has surged by 10.6 per cent, with over 100,000 motorists transitioning to electric vehicles. This growth is supported by advances in battery technology, with the average BEV range now at 236 miles, and some new models offering ranges closer to 300 miles. Certain variants can even exceed 450 miles on a single charge, significantly more than the average weekly distance travelled by drivers.

“Manufacturers are delivering on their promises to drive down emissions and bring ever more electric car choice to consumers. More than 100 models are now available across every segment – a six-fold increase on 10 years ago – showing the pace of change. The industry can only do so much on its own, however, and if we are to make EVs open to all and drive the net zero transformation we all need, further support is required,” Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, commented.

A notable 90 per cent of electric car owners report they would not return to conventionally fuelled vehicles, according to the SMMT, and with attractive discounts available on the latest models, now is an opportune time for consumers to make the switch. Also, a recent survey revealed that seven in ten drivers in the UK are ready to eventually make the switch to electric energy. However, despite these insights, the broader market for BEVs has plateaued this year, with more than 80 per cent of car buyers still opting for petrol or hybrid powertrains.