In our eagerness to inform you about cheap camper vans to get you started in this recreational segment, we have found a Dacia Jogger prepared to the brim and brand new for only €36,900 (approx. £32,000).

It is located in the Girona town of Blanes in Spain and is available for immediate delivery. It comes with a seven-year official warranty, and it is not a vehicle for a couple but for a family, as it has four sleeping places thanks to the James Baroud roof tent.  

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But before we go on to talk about the conversion, I would like to point out that the Jogger comes with the 1.0-litre ECO-G bifuel (petrol and LPG) 100 PS engine, coupled with a six-speed manual gearbox. LPG is currently the cheapest fuel on the market, at around €1 per litre.

The car's compact dimensions (just 4.5 metres long) make it perfect for small campsites or places that are difficult to get to, such as villages on country roads or remote mountain passes. 

Dacia Jogger camper van barata

Now, let's take a look at all the camper components included. For example, it comes with a burner for cooking and a fridge/freezer. On hot days, you can use a practical shower and, conversely, when it's cold, there is a stationary heater both in the cabin and in the tent. 

The clean water tank is 25 litres, while the 100Ah lithium battery allows you to be independent for three to four days, according to the sales advert. Nine-layer thermal protectors increase comfort, as does the Viscolatex mattress. 

This Dacia Jogger camper also includes a camping chair and table, as well as an exterior awning to provide shade for living outside the cabin. USB charging ports and LED interior lighting are two features you'll get plenty of use out of.

As you can see, the van comes excellently equipped with a number of extra packages. The heating package is priced at €2,490 (£2,100) and the interior and exterior table package is priced at €490 (£417), to name just two examples. If you want more information about the vehicle, you have the link to the website where it is advertised. 

Source and photos: Mundovan