Many of us on the are fans of miniature and scale model cars that allow us to collect our favourite road or street models. But these pedal cars made by SEAT Históricos are on another level.

On our recent visit to Nave A122, we were able to spend some time with them and learn a little more about how the idea was born and how these 1:2.2 scale pedal cars are entirely handmade. 

A collection that includes all kinds of models, street (classic and modern models) and competition, among which we find a bit of everything. The first and fifth generation SEAT Ibiza, SEAT 850 Spider, the 1982 SEAT Panda Popemobile, the SEAT 124 Group 5, Ibiza Kit Car and Córdoba WRC from the World Rally Championship.

The SEAT 600, the collection's first pedal car

However, the model with which it all began was the SEAT 600, coinciding with the celebration of its 60th Anniversary in 2017. We were there, at the Montmeló circuit, doing our bit to break a Guinness World Record.


"We did a very powerful 60th anniversary event, with a Guinness World Record included at the Montmeló circuit, and we came up with the idea of making a pedal car for children, and not so young children," says Isidre López, head of SEAT Historics.

"We thought it was so cool and so much fun that from that moment on we started creating models for each anniversary and we also started accepting orders from other SEAT colleagues to make modern cars", he continues.

SEAT Córdoba WRC pedal-powered

"They are pedal cars because they are the ones that connect us with our childhood. Whoever had a pedal car in the neighbourhood was the king, right?", Isidre recalls of a time when children played with toys, away from screens.

As for how drivers can get into them, Isidre comments, "The roof can be removed, it has special clips, and you can get in through the top". 

Another curious fact is its scale. "The scale is 1:2.2. It's a bit special because we made it from the 600 [wheelbarrow] wheel and from there we drew all the rest".

SEAT 850 Spider y SEAT 124 a pedales

Among all the incredible classic and competition models, we are particularly struck by a Tarraco with a SEAT 1400 on a trailer.

"It was a request made to us by the marketing department for an annual event, where they invite 6,000 people from the SEAT and CUPRA dealer network, where they explain the technical innovations. And in this case, the Tarraco's technical innovation was Trailer Assist".

And if you're wondering, as a lot of people have already done in the comments on our Instagram and TikTok videos, we've already answered: no, SEAT Históricos does not accept orders from private individuals, nor does it sell these very special cars, although it's also clear to us that if they did decide to do so, it would surely be a very profitable line of business.