A recent white paper published by Cupra has highlighted a significant shift in drivers' attitudes towards electric vehicles in the United Kingdom, suggesting that the majority see EV ownership as an inevitable part of their future. The survey underpinning the report, which canvassed opinions from both EV owners and non-owners, found that 70 per cent of respondents anticipate driving a fully electric car within the next decade.

The research, based on responses from 377 drivers in Britain who are part of the Volkswagen Group brand customer panel, aimed to compare the perceptions of those with and without real-world experience of EV ownership. The findings revealed a notable contrast in attitudes between these groups.

One of the most striking conclusions of the report is the high level of satisfaction among current EV owners. A remarkable 94 per cent of Cupra EV drivers expressed contentment with their decision to switch to electric, with none indicating a desire to return to petrol or diesel vehicles. This high satisfaction rate underscores the positive experiences of those who have embraced electric mobility.

However, the report also pointed out that perceptions of EVs differ significantly between owners and non-owners, particularly regarding concerns about charging infrastructure. While only 5 per cent of Cupra owners reported worries about how charging affects their daily routine, a substantial 37 per cent of non-EV owners cited this as a concern. This discrepancy highlights the importance of improving the UK's charging network to alleviate apprehensions and encourage more drivers to transition to electric vehicles.

"Our white paper sheds new light on the factors affecting drivers’ perceptions of electrification. It is clear that those who make the switch are happy they did, but that does not mean our work is done. The industry must continue to support and inform both current EV drivers and those yet to make the leap. We want to empower drivers and reassure them that sustainable mobility doesn't mean they have to compromise. With that in mind, our report provides a fresh understanding of the differing viewpoints, offering inclusive and informed discussion on the future of mobility," Marcus Gossen, Director of SEAT and Cupra in the UK, commented.

The survey suggests that while there are still hurdles to overcome, particularly in enhancing the charging infrastructure, the trend towards EV adoption is strong and growing. The report provides a clear message: as more drivers gain firsthand experience with electric vehicles, their satisfaction levels and confidence in this technology are likely to rise, paving the way for a more electric future on the roads.

The full survey can be found on this link.