Length : 4.990 metres

Width : 1.890 metres

Height : 1.710 metres

Wheelbase : 3.120 metres

Luggage compartment : 437/687/1,987 litres

Size matters when it comes to the Mazda CX-80. The largest SUV in the Japanese brand's range builds on the philosophy of the CX-60 by offering even more space for passengers and luggage.

A rather interesting formula, which makes the CX-80 suitable for those who often travel with a full load or with a large family.

Mazda CX-80, dimensions

The CX-80 is the 'big brother' of the  CX-60, given the 25 cm increase in wheelbase, which translates into a net length of almost 5 metres. Width remains unchanged at 1.89 metres, while height has increased by 24 mm to 1.71 metres.

Mazda CX-80 2024

Mazda CX-80 2024

Apart from the dimensions, the differences with the CX-60 are also evident in terms of aesthetics, with the rear window being more 'elongated'.

Mazda CX-80, interior space and luggage compartment

The large exterior dimensions translate into generous space for occupants. The Mazda can be offered in two configurations, with six or seven seats, the first consisting of a second row made up of two seats separated in the middle by a tunnel that acts as a cup holder (as well as a charging point).

Mazda CX-80 2024

Mazda CX-80, the six-seater configuration

Naturally, there's no shortage of leg and headroom, while in the third row Mazda claims that two passengers up to 1.70m tall can travel comfortably.

The boot is extremely generous, ranging from a minimum of 437 litres behind the third row (687 litres with five seats in place) up to 1,987 litres.

As for the interior in general, the choice of upholstery on the CX-80 is of high quality and there is no shortage of technological equipment, represented above all by the 12-inch infotainment screen that dominates the car.

Mazda CX-80, competitors with similar dimensions

The Mazda CX-80's competitors are few and far between. Few models can rival the Japanese SUV in terms of positioning and size. Among them, the two most direct rivals are the Cadillac XT6 and the Toyota Highlander. The new Hyundai Santa Fe and Skoda Kodiaq are also very interesting for their size/cargo capacity ratio.

Model Length Luggage compartment
Cadillac XT6 5.04 metres 356/s.d./2,229 litres
Hyundai Santa Fe 4.83 metres n.a./711/2,032 litres
Kia Sorento 4.82 metres 179/813/1,996 litres
Renault Espace 4.72 metres 159/477/1,714 litres
Seat Tarraco 4.74 metres long 230/700/1,775 litres
Skoda Kodiaq 4.75 metres 340/845/2 105 litres
Sportequipe 8 4.70 metres 230/500/1,500 litres
Toyota Highlander 4.97 metres long 268/658/1,909 litres

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