If you're a big Seat fan you may have heard of the A122 building at the Seat factory in Barcelona's Zona Franca. It's where Seat Històrics carefully preserves the classics and history of a brand with a heritage stretching back seven decades.

In fact, you've probably seen all the content we created on our social media channels (Instagram and TikTok) during our last visit to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Seat Ibiza. A day during which we were also able to peek into a strange corner of the 'official' collection.

And despite what the cars on display may show, each one is unique and has a story and a lot of hard work behind it. Especially when it comes to restoration, a phase that requires almost equal parts of work and investment. And if you don't believe us, take a look at the video below.

The 'rusty room' of Seat Históricos

Or, as Isidre López, head of Seat Históricos, often jokes, "the rusty room". To us, it's a gigantic barn find, an area where unique cars await the moment when they can be restored to their original splendour.


"A small warehouse where we have a number of cars waiting their turn to be rescued and rebuilt, so that they can be part of the collection's display," explains Isidre, looking at some rather special cars.

For example, a six-seater Seat 1500 saloon (the great-great-grandfather of the Seat Alhambra), a 1500 pick-up that belonged to the Telefónica fleet, a glass-enclosed 1400 estate (of which only four remain in Spain) or one of the two 1400 Visitas that were made, in the service of the authorities who visited the factory, and which served as a donor for the one on display in the collection.

Classic historic SEAT coaches to restore

In fact, many of the models that appear as new under the spotlights in room A122 have undergone extensive restoration work.

"It's one of the most fun and interesting parts of our job, although it also involves a certain responsibility, that of being honest with history and with people, especially the engineers and professionals who created them," admits Isidre.