Camping has long ceased to be a purely natural experience. A host of aids and conveniences make a stay in your second home even more enjoyable. With the new Bedrock XT2 from Krug Expedition, exploring the world away from civilisation and tarmac roads also becomes "glamping".

In collaboration with Arctic Trucks, the Austrian company has developed its first expedition vehicle,"the most efficient" in its own words, on the basis of a Ford F-550 intended for the American market. "In recent years, we've seen strong demand for our vehicles on the American market," explains Slawa Knorr, CEO of KRUG Expedition. "The Bedrock XT2 offers us the perfect opportunity to penetrate this market with a single vehicle".

Gallery: Krug Expedition Bedrock XT2 (2024)

With a wheelbase of 4,470 mm, three axles and an overall length of 6.68 metres, the Bedrock XT2 seems tailor-made for the typical American pick-up enthusiast. Thanks to the third axle, the ground load of the Ford F-550 AT44 XT2 has been reduced by 25%. The 6x4 powertrain, fitted with huge 365/80R20 multipurpose Continental tyres, should ensure the exploration vehicle's propulsion in many off-road eventualities.

In addition, the 8-link rear air suspension can be controlled independently from the cab, and OEM disc brakes ensure controlled stopping of the monster.

Krug Expedition Bedrock XT2 (2024)

Suspension travel has been minimised, and a front and rear limited-slip differential also moves. Semi-automatic tyre inflation and an optional centralised inflation system allow tyre pressure to be adjusted from the driver's cab.

An auxiliary frame allows the body of the module to be decoupled from the vehicle chassis when off-road driving could result in torsion and heavy loads on the chassis frame. The cab is made from'sandwich' panels, whose insulating properties should help to reduce energy consumption.

Krug Expedition Bedrock XT2 (2024)

Inside, functional aesthetics prevail, enhanced by a king-size bed, a 32-inch smart TV in the dining area and a 24-inch smart TV in the alcove. Who would want to miss an episode of their favourite series somewhere in the New Mexico desert? Starlink integration preparation is also planned.

Also on board: a galley with "top-of-the-range appliances", another outdoor galley, a bathroom with a separate toilet and a full shower.

The water tank, with three levels of pre-filtration, has a capacity of around 447 litres. By way of comparison, a comparable VW Grand California 600 in terms of space swallows 'only' 110 litres, which is more than enough for four to five economical showers.

The fresh water supply to the kitchen tap is also filtered by a special system. This is designed to avoid chemical and visible impurities. A Truma Combi doesn't just provide a warm interior and hot water. No, globetrotters can expect underfloor heating in the living area on cold days and air conditioning on hot days.

Expedition luxury comes at a cost: The Bedrock XT2 from KRUG Expedition will be available on the US market at a starting price of around $690,000 (approx. £543,000). All that remains to be seen is how many of these machines will actually set off to discover the world.