Bugatti Sur Mesure, the French luxury manufacturer's in-house customisation programme, has already produced many outstanding models. The most recent example is the Chiron Super Sport "55 1 of 1", which pays homage to company founder Jean Bugatti with its strong reference to the legendary Type 55 from the 1930s.

As mentioned, the Bugatti "55 1 of 1" is a bespoke homage to Jean Bugatti's Type 55 Super Sport. This unique model was conceived by a Chiron Super Sport customer together with the Bugatti Sur Mesure team to translate the historical significance of the Type 55 into a modern vehicle design.

Gallery: Bugatti Chiron Super Sport "55 1 of 1"

The Type 55, known for its two-seater roadster body and powerful 2.3-litre in-line engine, set the standard for super sports cars in the 1930s. Only 38 examples were produced, making the Type 55 a coveted collector's item. Jean Bugatti introduced the revolutionary two-tone paintwork for this model, which later became the iconic Bugatti colour scheme. The design of the "55 1 of 1" picks up on the famous black and yellow paintwork of the Type 55. 

The allusion to the Type 55 continues in the interior. Black leather and hand-stitched yellow accents reflect the exterior theme. Special details such as embroidered headrests with the inscription "55 1 of 1" and Jean Bugatti's signature on the door sills and the dedication plaque emphasise the connection to the past.

The creative endeavours of the Sur Mesure team aimed to transfer the essence of the Type 55 into the "55 1 of 1", while incorporating modern elements and technologies. The design process required a careful balance between tradition and innovation to create a vehicle that honours both the historical roots and advanced engineering of the Chiron Super Sport.

The National Automobile Museum in Mulhouse provided the original Bugatti Type 55 chassis No. 55237 for photos with the new "55 1 of 1". This museum also houses an impressive collection of more than 600 automobiles, including over 100 Bugatti models, illustrating the rich history and heritage of the Bugatti brand.