The Mercedes-AMG press release for the presentation of the PureSpeed promises nothing less than the "pinnacle of exclusivity from Mercedes-Benz in the top segment", giving a preview of the first production model in the "Mythos" series. With its radical design, the reference to legendary racing cars, the strict limitation and not least the expected exorbitant price, the concept should easily fulfil this claim.

However, the look does not appear to be outstandingly new. A large dash of Mercedes SLR "Stirling Moss", a touch of Mercedes-AMG One and a generous pinch of Formula 1 flair to round it off, all based on the SL Class - this could have been the recipe for the Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed.

Gallery: Concept Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed (2024)

As part of the Formula 1 race in Monaco, the Affalterbach-based company is presenting the radical design of a completely open, two-seater performance car without a roof or windscreen, which is intended to pay homage to motor racing. The concept car provides a preview of the first model in the highly limited Mercedes-Benz Mythos series.

Only 250 units are to be built, which means that the car - like many other exclusive special series before it - is likely to fall largely into the hands of speculators and/or collectors. This is actually a shame, as the PureSpeed presumably offers potential for tremendous driving pleasure, even though Mercedes-AMG has not commented on the drive system. The radical SL should certainly be lucrative for the company.

Concept Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed (2024)

One highlight is the HALO system which replaces the conventional A-pillar on the vehicle. This element is a direct derivation from the premier class of motorsport and has been part of every Formula 1 vehicle since 2018. It protects the driver's head in the event of an accident. The name translates as halo. There are also two aerodynamically optimised helmets that were specially designed and manufactured for the Concept Mercedes AMG PureSpeed. 

Neither the roof nor the windscreen or side windows separate the occupants from their surroundings. (Owners of a Caterham or Renault Sport Spider will be familiar with this) The interior sets further accents with a special colour and equipment concept and an individual clock designed by IWC Schaffhausen on the instrument panel.

Concept Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed (2024)

Concept Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed (2024)

According to AMG, the design is inspired by the Mercedes-AMG ONE hypercar, but the "Stirling Moss" edition of the legendary Mercedes SLR was also clearly the inspiration here.

The design of the wheels is characterised by the carbon fibre cladding on the front and rear axles. The rear panelling is completely closed to improve aerodynamics. The front ones are open to optimise airflow at the front end, brake cooling and downforce. Typical for a sports car are the long bonnet and the very low front end with a pronounced sharknose.

The production model, which is expected next year, is likely to be modelled quite closely on this study. Prices and technical data are not yet known.