The Woking-based team has worked with sponsor partner OKX on the complete takeover of the MCL38 colour scheme – replacing its papaya orange with the yellow, green and blue colours of the late Brazilian’s iconic helmet.

The car also features iconic Senna quotes inside the cockpit, as well as lettering featuring the three-time world champion’s name on the front and rear wings.

While last weekend’s F1 race at Imola marked a moment of reflection on the 30th anniversary of Senna’s death, McLaren wanted to run its special livery in Monaco so it could form part of a celebration.

Senna took six victories in total at Monaco, including five consecutive wins for McLaren between 1989 and 1993.

McLaren Senna design for Monaco GP

Speaking about the Senna colours, McLaren CEO Zak Brown said: “The team is proud to recognise and celebrate the extraordinary life and racing legacy of Ayrton Senna through this McLaren livery.

“Senna remains revered and respected as Formula 1’s greatest icon, and McLaren’s most decorated driver.

“His impact on McLaren is enormous, not only through his racing record but also his presence within the team, and now his legacy, so it’s an honour to race for him at his most successful circuit in his green, yellow and blue colours.”

The Senna livery idea has been worked on for 12 months now, and has the full blessing of the Senna family – which been involved at all stages of the process.

Bianca Senna, who works for Senna Global, said: “It’s an honour to recognise Ayrton through these liveries in collaboration with both McLaren Racing and McLaren Automotive.

“It's a fantastic way to celebrate his life and legacy through his iconic colours on both cars. McLaren meant a lot to him, and together they achieved a lot of success, much of which he is still remembered for today by so many. It will be special to see it race the streets of Monaco, a circuit which gave him so much joy and many triumphs."

McLaren Senna design for Monaco GP

Senna remains McLaren’s most successful driver, having won 35 of his 41 grand prix victories for the squad. He secured three drivers’ championship crowns, as well as contributing to four constructors’ titles, in his time at the team.

As well as the F1 livery takeover, McLaren has revealed a special one-off version of the McLaren Senna road car – named the Senna Sempre.

It features similar colours to the Monaco F1 car, as well as a dot-matrix portrait of Senna.