The good weather is arriving and the days are getting longer. An ideal time for lovers of road tourism and, for this, there is no better way than a camper van, which allows us to travel with more agility than a motorhome, without sacrificing a minimum of comfort.

In this sense, we would like to show you the most affordable model of the Italian specialist Laika, located in Tuscany, which will allow you to enjoy unforgettable holiday trips or weekends. This is the Ecovip 540 model which, at 5.41 metres in length, is capable of offering optimum comfort to the occupants, based on a traditional configuration, but with a modern design and quality materials.

Gallery: Laika Ecovip 540

On the outside, the Ecovip 540 may look like just another camper van, as its image is not particularly striking, something that helps you to go unnoticed once 'camped' in a rest area, pretending to be just another parked van. 

But when you get inside, the first glance will make you realise that this is everything you need. The front captain's chairs swivel 180 degrees, creating a lounge area along with the rear bench seat and reclining table. As soon as you enter through the side door, the galley on the left-hand side and the full bathroom opposite the galley area form the 'core' of the living module, complete with the fixed double bed at the rear.

The kitchen, despite its compact size, consists of two gas burners, a sink and a 70-litre fridge on the side, which is more than sufficient for those short journeys, although not so much if you plan to camp for several days in one place.

The separate bathroom contains a cassette toilet, washbasin and integrated shower, which is as expected, although the space available is not too generous. However, the increased headroom in the living area makes it easy to move around the interior and even store objects in the high luggage compartments distributed throughout the cabin.

Laika Ecovip 540

Mechanically, the Ecovip 540 is based on the Fiat Ducato 35 Light. The engine is a four-cylinder turbodiesel engine with a displacement of 2.3 litres and a power output of 140 PS, coupled to a six-speed manual transmission. Air conditioning in the cab is standard, as is the diesel Combi heating, which is distributed throughout the interior of the van.

Laika Ecovip 540

Other interesting technical details are the waste water tanks with safety opening and closing control or the drainage pipes with odour siphons, as well as the waste water tank with external ventilation, which will be appreciated by more experienced users.

Laika Ecovip 540

Finally, it is time to talk about the price, which in the case of the Ecovip 540 starts at €65,236 (approx. £55,700). Depending on the options you include in your configuration, this cost may increase by a few thousand euros more, but we leave that up to you. Without a doubt, Laika offers one of the most complete camper vans in the category.