The Dacia Duster has solidified its reputation as one of the UK's favourite SUVs, reaching a significant milestone of 100,000 sales since its launch in 2013. Popular among British car buyers, the Duster represents 36 per cent of the Romanian brand’s sales in the UK and has garnered over 20 industry awards.

Gail Hill, a retired health care assistant and outdoor enthusiast, became the 100,000th UK customer of the Duster. Hill received her new Duster Journey TCe 150 Auto from Mitchells Dacia in Lowestoft, which was named ‘Dacia Retailer of the Year’ in 2023. This distinctive Dusty Khaki-finished SUV is Hill's second Duster, her first purchased in 2022 from the same dealership on the recommendation of her son.

Gallery: 100,000th Dacia Duster delivered in the UK

“I hadn’t considered a Duster before buying my original one, but my son said it was a good car. I needed something with a bigger boot and the Duster had plenty of space, plus it was a really good price and felt very solid. The latest offers made upgrading to a new one more affordable than I thought, and I love the colour and how it drives with the automatic – it does go very well,” Hill commented after receiving the keys for her new Duster.

Entering its 11th year in the UK market, the Dacia Duster shows no signs of waning in popularity. Anticipation is high for the latest model, set to launch later this year, with over 12,500 potential buyers already expressing their interest. UK pricing for the new Duster is yet to be announced.

“When people think Dacia, it’s the Duster that so many instantly associate with the brand. All our vehicles are built for adventure but it is the Duster that perhaps best sums up the robustness and effectiveness of our cars and Dacia’s synergy with the great outdoors. While it has evolved significantly over the last decade, it is a testament to its design that Duster continues to be a customer favourite and win awards. With the all-new model just months away and already winning much praise, Duster is only going to get better and even more successful.”