Previously we have told you about the Sandero RS that was marketed in Brazil under the Renault brand. It belonged to the second generation of the vehicle and had an interesting naturally aspirated petrol engine with 2 litres and 150 PS. You can see photos of it in the attached gallery. 

But if you want to dream, why not dream about the Dacia Sandero RS 2024, which is based on the latest version of the car? Here it is as presented by the PDLV website, but only in digital format, so that you can get your teeth into what would be the cheapest sports car on the market. 

The truth is that the recreation is very attractive and turns the modest Romanian utility car into a car that would catch the eyes of any enthusiast. Not in vain, it incorporates a multitude of special elements that you can see in the video at the end of this article.

Gallery: Renault Sandero RS Finale

Great looking

The Sandero RS 2024 features reduced ground clearance and wider track, integrated under slightly oversized wheel arches. I think the contrasting red elements are just right, as are the sporty bumpers and the beautiful V-spoke alloy wheels. 

The brakes have been upgraded to match the car's performance. At the rear, don't miss the pronounced diffuser along with the two oval-shaped tailpipes. 

The car would continue to use a practical five-door body (the three-door body is almost extinct) and should lose almost nothing in practicality. Therefore, like the conventional Sandero, it would continue to offer plenty of rear space, as well as a boot capacity of around 300 litres.

Affordable sports car

Which engine would suit this affordable sports car? We'd settle for the 158 PS 1.3 TCe turbocharged petrol engine, which, with light hybridisation comes with a manual gearbox, which is all the better, but a Renault-sourced seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission wouldn't go amiss either. 

And if we put the icing on the cake of a hypothetical price of €20,000 (£17,000), there couldn't be a better ending. In short, as we always say, Dacia has a huge growth potential, with more passionate SUVs or niche vehicles. It's just a matter of managers not taking too many risks...

Source: Dacializate, via PDLV