Mercedes recently declared its intention to continue producing models with combustion engines, even after 2030. This is a change of plan for the German brand (which had set the switch to electric vehicles for the very end of the decade), and is also the result of slower growth in the EV market than many manufacturers had predicted.

But the Stuttgart-based firm remains determined to invest massively in electric vehicles, starting with the battery-powered C-Class, which will be one of the key models in the brand's strategy. Scheduled for 2025, here's what it could look like.

The first details

The first prototypes of the electric C-Class were spotted as early as 2023, with extensive camouflage and stickers all over the bodywork. When putting together our rendering, we took into account its shape and detailing, trying to echo the design of the company's most recent models.

Mercedes Electric C-Class (2025),'s rendering

Mercedes Electric C-Class (2025),'s rendering

Overall, the electric C-Class should be no taller than the current 4.75 m of the internal combustion model, but its silhouette could be more aerodynamic to significantly improve range and efficiency.

At the front, we should see Mercedes' typical electric grille in gloss black, while the headlights could be more vertically developed and not visually integrated into the grille as on the EQE and EQS.

As for the interior, we don't have any spy shots yet, but it's possible that Mercedes will equip the car with an entirely new set of instruments.

The platform and the naming dilemma 

The electric C-Class is expected to be based on the MMA platform, an architecture designed for electric models but also capable of accommodating combustion engine versions. The potential of electric motors and batteries is still unknown, but it is likely that we will see new-generation powertrains to challenge the BMW i3, the Bavarian saloon born on the new Neue Klasse platform.

<p>Mercedes Electric C-Class, first spy photos</p>

Mercedes Electric C-Class, first spy photos

Watch out for the name of this Mercedes too. The company has long declared its intention to abandon the EQ nomenclature from 2024. So what will be the name of the German saloon which, for the first part of its life, will be flanked by the brand's best-selling model with combustion engines?

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