Introduced in 2016, the Jaguar F-Pace represented the British manufacturer's entry into the world of SUVs. Now its story is coming to an end, but not before presenting itself with one last special version in Europe. Therefore the 90th Anniversary Edition is born available for all versions - with the exception of SVR and P400 Sport - dedicated to 90 years of combustion engine production and featuring exclusive aesthetics.

Available to order now, the Jaguar F-Pace 90 Anniversary Edition has a list price starting at £46,805 in the UK, €65,800 in Germany, €68,200 in Italy, €75,222 in Spain and €84,800 in France.

The specifications

As standard, the latest version of the Jaguar F-Pace is distinguished first and foremost by the '90 Anniversary' badge and exterior details derived from the R-Dynamic trim. There are also special body paints, tinted glass and - depending on the trim - diamond alloy wheels  in sizes from 19 to 21 inches.

Jaguar F-Pace 90 Anniversary Edition

Jaguar F-Pace 90 Anniversary Edition, the rear badge

Jaguar F-Pace 90 Anniversary Edition, the interior

Jaguar F-Pace 90 Anniversary Edition, the interior

The interior features sports seats with contrast stitching, an ebony-trimmed roof, aluminium inserts and a wealth of technology, including 3D surround-view cameras.

In terms of engines, the 163 and 204 PS mild hybrid diesels and the 404 PS plug-in are available. As mentioned, the 400 PS mild hybrid petrol and the supercharged V8 with 575 PS and 700 Nm of torque of the SVR, the most powerful F-Pace ever created, remain out.

Waiting for the electric

This brings the career of the Jaguar F-Pace to a close as we await 2025, the year of Jaguar 's transformation into a fully electrified brand. The first step will be the new GT, based on a dedicated platform, due to debut - as a concept - later this year.

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