VW will be presenting a new version of the Golf GTI this month. CEO Thomas Schäfer has posted a short teaser video on his LinkedIn account in which he announces the car's debut. The premiere is set to take place on 31 May 2024 during the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring. Exactly when the brand is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Golf.

The video shows the hot car on the legendary circuit in the Eifel, but Volkswagen has annoyingly pixelated out the finer details. As far as we can tell with squinted eyes, however, the new version has a sportier front apron. The accent that wraps from bottom to top is also longer on this version and runs back to the outer wings like inverted fangs.


So that's the most obvious difference. But we assume that the manufacturer will also tweak other elements. A redesigned rear bumper, possibly a small roof edge spoiler, unique wheel rims as well as a customised interior and embroidery are all on the cards.

As VW is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Golf and the premiere will take place at the Nürburgring, it is very likely that we will see the new Golf GTI Clubsport based on the MK8.5 model here. And this information already gives us an initial indication of the technology to be expected.

Since the facelift, the normal GTI has produced 265 PS. This corresponds to an increase of 20 PS compared to the previous model. Applying this calculation to the Clubsport would mean that the new edition can boast 320 PS. Transmitted to the front axle via a standard 7-speed DSG. It can also be expected that the Clubsport will be somewhat lighter than the standard GTI. However, as before, it will only be a few kilos.

Driving performance could also improve. While the MK8 Clubsport still needed 5.6 seconds from 0 to 62 mph, the MK8.5 version should manage the sprint in under 5.5 seconds. The top speed will probably still be limited to 155 mph. However, with the appropriate performance packages, it may be possible to increase this. We will know for sure after 31 May.