We've been telling you all about the Toyota mini Land Cruiser (you can see a recreation of it just below), a small SUV that is due to debut later this year. It's a tough rival to the Suzuki Jimny, although it will actually be the length of the Jimny 5-door, which isn't sold in the UK. 

But what about a compact Land Cruiser, around 4.5 metres long, similar to the current model? It would fit into the C-segment, be cheaper and even have better 4x4 qualities. What more could you ask for?

Toyota mini Land Cruiser, render from Motor1.com

Toyota mini Land Cruiser, render from Motor1.com

A very attractive 4x4

This virtual car (let's hope it becomes a reality!), which is painted orange at the top of our article, has a vintage look and a straight-lined design, very much to the taste of customers of this type of car. 

Of course, there is no shortage of bulky, unpainted bumpers and plastic bumpers around the lower perimeter of the bodywork. The trapezoidal wheel arches, set well back from the tyres, are also compatible with the high suspension travel. 

The large rear-view mirrors or the windscreen with hardly any slope are also two other eye-catching features. In short, there is no doubt that such a car would attract a lot of attention in markets all over Europe. 

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Diesel with 150 hp?

The short overhangs, both front and rear, ensure optimum approach and departure angles. And the shorter wheelbase compared to the original Land Cruiser helps with the swept-back angle and makes it easier to negotiate rough terrain. 

On the mechanical side, we imagine this compact Toyota Land Cruiser with the 2.8-litre turbodiesel engine, but instead of the 204 PS it delivers in the 'real' model, we opt for a 150 PS variant, which is more than enough. 

Of course, it would retain all the 4x4 features of the Land Cruiser, such as the beam and cross member chassis, the reduction gearbox, the rear differential lock, the disconnectable front stabiliser and the driving programmes Multi-Terrain Select.

Here we leave this interesting proposal to Toyota to complete its C-segment, together with the C-HR and the Corolla Cross. Shall we put a starting price on this scaled-down Land Cruiser? £38,000/£42,000 wouldn't be a bad figure...

Source: Bestcarweb, via Cochespias