As you know, in the world of recreational vehicles there are numerous options depending on the customer's needs. From the popular camper vans to large and expensive motorhomes for the whole family. But between the two extremes, we often overlook the practical caravans.

In this case we are going to tell you about a curious model from the American company Cube Series, based in Oregon, which is constructed on a folding rigid wall solution. Advantages? The caravan while travelling offers the same aerodynamic resistance as a twin-axle trailer, while once camped, its interior transforms to offer the same space and comfort as a traditional caravan.

Gallery: Cube Series folding caravan

Folding caravans already exist in different shapes and sizes. However, the adoption of rigid folding walls multiplies the functionality of the Cube Series caravan, with four beds, dining area, kitchen and folding bathroom.

The height of the trailer/caravan is 1.9m and its appearance is very similar to that of any other folding trailer. At just over 5.3m in length, it is not a small caravan, but it is not too big either and can be towed by an off-roader on mountain tracks.

Caravana plegable Cube Series

Once camped, the roof is raised automatically by electric actuators, which requires no physical effort whatsoever. Once the maximum height has been reached, the living module has a main double bed against the rear wall, with a base full of drawers, plus an L-shaped wardrobe configuration with the kitchen block. The conventionally designed kitchen has a two-burner hob plus sink, 85-litre under-counter fridge/freezer and microwave.

Caravana plegable Cube Series

At the other end of the caravan is the lounge area with a central lift-up table, surrounded by a U-shaped bench. At night, this area can be transformed into a second bedroom for two occupants.

But there is more, as opposite the kitchen, is the bathroom area, with a rigid shower basin and privacy shower area via a curtain that is anchored to the ceiling hooks. If you don't need to use the toilet area, the whole module can be stored in a cabinet, similar to a worktop.

Caravana plegable Cube Series

The caravan also has an auxiliary AGM battery, a 2,000 W inverter and a set of 1,140 W solar panels, installed on the roof. This Cube model has a vacuum-welded fibreglass body on aluminium supports and a starting weight of 1,238 kg. It has a capacity of 94.5 litres of fresh water and grey water respectively, and 53 litres of LPG gas.

Finally, it is time to talk about the price, which in this case starts at $55,730 (approx. £44,500). In addition, there are options that include a specific off-road package, air conditioning, various solar charging systems, and the aforementioned wet bathroom and electric heating packages. And if you need more space, the Cube Series also offers a bunk bed for up to six berths.