• Length: 4,371 mm
  • Width: 1,904 mm
  • Height: 1,649 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,680 mm
  • Luggage compartment: min 472 litres/max 1,156 litres

The restyling has not changed the very essence of the Range Rover Evoque. The "little" Land Rover keeps its habitability and practicality intact, while benefiting from a new exterior and interior look.

Let's take a closer look at the figures for this British SUV and compare it to its main rivals.

Range Rover Evoque 2024, dimensions

The most compact Land Rover in the range has a length of 4.37 m (average for the C segment) and a width close to that of the top segment.

At 1.90 m, the Evoque is rather large, and this impression is well conveyed by its strong, muscular lines. The height of 1.65 m is also important, with a ground clearance of 21.5 cm that enables it to tackle the most difficult terrain.

<p>The dashboard of the Range Rover Evoque</p>

Range Rover Evoque dashboard

Range Rover Evoque 2024, interior space and luggage compartment

The Range Rover Evoque's interior space is good. The minimalist dashboard and large central tunnel give the impression that the cabin of this British SUV is even bigger and more welcoming.

The luggage compartment has a fairly high sill of 72 cm and a regular configuration (1.30 m wide), with a flush, step-free floor that makes it a little easier to accommodate suitcases and pushchairs. The minimum capacity is 472 litres, but if you fold down the rear row seats in a 60:40 configuration (provided you accept a slightly sloping floor), it increases to 1,156 litres.

<p>Range Rover Evoque 2024</p>

Range Rover Evoque 2024

Another interesting fact about Land Rover's compact SUV is that the minimum capacity does not change in the plug-in hybrid version, in which a 15 kWh battery is installed in the floor. As far as engines are concerned, here's a table showing the full range.

  Engine Power Torque
Evoque P300e
(Automatic AWD)
1.5 petrol Plug-in hybrid 309 PS 540 Nm
Evoque P160
(Automatic AWD)
1.5 petrol mild hybrid 160 PS 260 bhp
Evoque P250
(Automatic AWD)
2.0 petrol mild hybrid 249 PS 365 Nm
Evoque D165
(Manual FWD or Automatic AWD)
2.0 mild hybrid diesel 163 PS 380 bhp
Evoque D200
(Automatic AWD)
2.0 mild hybrid diesel 204 PS 430 Nm

Range Rover Evoque 2024, similar sized competitors

Model Length Luggage compartment (min/max)
Alfa Romeo Tonale 4.53 metres 500/1,550 litres (385/1,430 litres PHEV)
Audi Q3 4.48 metres 530/1,525 litres (380/1,375 litres PHEV)
BMW X1 4.50 metres 500/1,545 litres (490/1,495 litres PHEV)
Jaguar E-Pace 4.40 metres 494/1,170 litres
Lexus UX 4.50 metres 320/1,231 litres
Mercedes GLA 4.44 metres 435/1,430 litres
Volvo XC40 4.44 metres 452/1,328 litres

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