If you want to make a good start in the camper van world, we suggest a second-hand, compact Dacia van, with diesel engine and ideal for couples. This is a Dokker prepared by the Madrid-based company Yevana, which you can take home by paying €31,500 (approx. £27,000) in cash.

You can also finance it, although it means paying €5,000 down and 168 monthly instalments of €249.14. If you do the calculations, you will see that it is much better to buy it 'on the cheap'. 

The van dates from December 2020 and has covered around 89,000 kilometres (55,302 miles), so the 95 PS 1.5 Blue dCi engine, which works with a six-speed manual gearbox, still has plenty of power left.  

Gallery: Second hand Dacia Dokker camper

All year round camper

Let's talk now about the conversion, which will surprise you for the better, as it is really complete. It includes, for example, a double bed with 1.95 metres long and 1.1 metres wide, made up of a 15 mm birch wood bed base and a 70 mm mattress.

The Dokker by Yevana New Glory Edition, as the vehicle is called, also comes with a kitchen: portable gas burner, 31-litre fridge and stainless steel sink. There's even an outside shower and a 32-litre clean water tank. 

Don't think of this camper as a good-weather-only vehicle, as it enjoys in-season heating, along with the Fiamma Turbovent 160CT bi-directional air-conditioning skylight. There's even an integrated 110W solar panel. 

With a one-year warranty

These extras are complemented by an external 230 V socket or a nine-layer thermal blackout set for the windows. And let's not forget the two sliding doors as well as the navigation system and Bluetooth. 

Much more detailed information on the vehicle can be found in the link just below. Just note that the buyer is covered by a one-year mechanical and conversion warranty. 

Source and photos: Mundovan