Waiting in the car can be annoying. Those who own an electric car are well aware of this, but the problem also often affects those who drive petrol or diesel cars. To try and pass the time, the only solution is to find a functional hobby, like the one available in the new Mercedes.

Indeed, with the Digital Edition, the Connect pack, which includes 41 digital extras to make the on-board experience comfortable at all times, becomes standard on the A-Class, B-Class, GLA and EQA. Here are the details.

A complete package

The Connect package, available as standard on the smallest Mercedes-Benz models in the special 'Digital Edition', includes a whole range of technological features useful in everyday life, as well as 41 Digital Extras (entertainment services) free of charge for three years.

But that's not all. The special version also comes as standard with some of the most sought-after equipment by customers in recent years, such as the Complete Driving Assistance Pack, Smartphone Integration, the Parking Pack with 360° cameras and the 360° Guard Pack. The customer savings of choosing this special version is more than 70% compared with the cost of the individual equipment.

Mercedes Digital Edition

Mercedes EQA Digital Edition

Mercedes Digital Edition

Mercedes GLA Digital Edition

Mercedes Digital Edition

Mercedes Classe B Digital Edition

Digital stars

If you've never heard of Mercedes-Benz Digital Extras, these are entertainment services available on board the latest cars, designed to complement and enhance the on-board experience.

Among the various programmes are those related to navigation, such as Electric Intelligence mode for zero-emission models, and those related to the dynamic experience, such as AMG Track Pace, available on the sportiest Mercedes-AMG versions, which transforms the on-board computer into a personal track engineer.

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