The world of automotive replicas range from the best, which can be mistaken for the original vehicle, to the worst, which even make us laugh. This copy of the Bugatti Veyron will make you shake your head at how bad it is. 

Is it the worst in the world? As far as we've seen, yes, because below is another really bad one, based on a poor Audi TT, but we think the one in this article takes the cake.

I'm sure you're wondering what car is hiding underneath. It's a Ford Cougar, a coupe from the American brand, which was on sale in Spain with a 2.5-litre naturally aspirated V6 engine with 170 PS. 

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Unfortunately, we don't have any more information about this replica: neither who made it, nor where, nor how much money it cost. We can only comment on the 'sad' look of the front headlights - it looks like the car is about to cry!

At least the corporate horseshoe-shaped grille appears, but not the side pontoons, and what about the bonnet at a different height to the rest of the bodywork? No wonder you have to laugh when you see the car.  

The matte black and orange colours are indeed associated with the real Veyron, but the exterior kit leaves a lot to be desired, except if you are in emerging countries, where it might not be so frowned upon. 

However, there are some truly incredible copies made in Vietnam. For example, while we're on the subject of Bugatti, this one of a Chiron is quite commendable. In the end, you also have to be a little bit crafty.

If you've come across a replica even more horrendous than the one we've shown you of the Veyron, don't hesitate to upload it as a reply to our social media profiles, because we don't want to miss it.