The second generation MG ZS is currently under development in Australia. The debut is still several months away and an almost final heavily camouflaged example was seen on the streets of Sydney.

As can be seen from the short video posted on the YouTube channel and the official first sketches, the new generation of the successful B-segment SUV is expected to have new lines, with slimmer headlights, and of course new technologies.

In testing

The current MG ZS is a 4.32-metre-long B-segment SUV that debuted on the global market in 2017. On sale initially only in China, it was the model that, in some ways, relaunched the former British brand - now Chinese and part of the Saic Motor Group - on the Old Continent market.

MG ZS 2025, project sketches

MG ZS 2025, project sketches

Looking at the example immortalised in the short video of just a few seconds that you can find at the bottom of the page, what should change on the new generation are first and foremost the front headlights, which on the car spotted would appear to be much larger than the current ones and combined with rear lights with less sharp lines and horizontal development.

MG ZS 2025, project sketches

MG ZS 2025, project sketches

The new front end, in particular, should be inspired by that of the newborn MG3 hybrid citycar, with lines that are purely horizontal and with the big MG logo positioned on the highest part of the front bumper.

The profile, on the other hand, is not expected to change much, thus maintaining the same or superior dimensions and interior roominess as the generation currently on sale.

MG ZS 2025, project sketches

MG ZS 2025, project sketches

Uncertain powertrain

The MG ZS is currently sold in the UK with four different engines, two combustion and two electric. The list opens at the bottom with the 1.5 petrol aspirated version with 106 PS, combined with front-wheel drive and manual gearbox.

It is followed by the 111 PS 1.0-litre turbo petrol version, which can also be chosen as an automatic. At the top of the range, on the other hand, are the two 100% electric versions, which differ in battery size, 51 or 73 kWh, and in power output, 177 PS for the former and 156 PS for the latter.


MG ZS, the current generation

MG ZS (2022)

MG ZS (2022), the interior

Speaking of engines, the new generation is not expected to abandon combustion powertrains entirely yet, but they could become hybrids with the help of mild hybrid or full hybrid modules.

Finally, given the market trend, it is very likely that some 100% electric versions will also continue to be offered. To find out more, we will have to wait for the coming months.

The video of the sighting in Sydney