There is one car that is particularly close to Battista 'Pinin' Farina. It's the Lancia Florida, designed by him in the early 1950s (in 1955 to be precise) and his faithful companion. Pinin's personal Florida can still be admired today in the Pininfarina SpA Collection in Cambiano (Turin) and, as a tribute to him, the company has created the Battista Cinquantacinque hyper GT.

The Battista Cinquantacinque is also the latest demonstration of Automobili Pininfarina's global aspirations. The premiere will be held in Tokyo, Japan, in collaboration with sales partner SKY GROUP.

An exclusive signature

The Battista Cinquantacinque is immediately distinguishable by the special Blu Savoia Gloss paintwork designed for it, which contrasts with the Bianco Sestriere Gloss roof. And then there are the obvious signatures: the passenger door and the lower part of the active rear wing where the words "Cinquantacinque 55" are engraved.

"The colour combination of the Battista Cinquantacinque is incredible and shows the vision that Battista Farina had when he designed the Lancia Florida in the early 1950s. In addition, this same model helped me create the PURA Vision design concept, a truly unique vehicle that forms the basis of Automobili Pininfarina's future models," said Dave Amantea, Chief Design Officer of Automobili Pininfarina.

Pininfarina Battista Fifty-five

The Pininfarina Battista Cinquantacinque and the Lancia Florida

The saloon of the 1950s, we recall, had no B-pillars, but doors that opened towards the rear. In the cabin of the Battista Cinquantacinque, on the other hand, you'll find refined upholstery in Mahagoni (Poltrona Frau Heritage leather), made to measure.

Guaranteed performance

Each Battista is powered by four independent electric motors and a powerful 120 kWh lithium-ion battery, delivering 1,900 PS and 2,340 Nm of torque. The sprint from zero to 62 mph takes 1.86 seconds and 0-124 mph in 4.75 seconds, while the declared range is 296 miles.

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