Do you know Bunkervan? No, it's not a German camper van specialist, but a Spanish one, which uses the 5-metre-long Fiat Ducato to offer a camper van with four sleeping places and stationary heating. What more could you ask for? 

The Bunkervan Urban 4 is the cheapest product of the company based in Alpedrete, Madrid, and is perfect for families who don't mind getting around towns or picturesque villages with narrow streets. 

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With heating and hot water

The two double beds measure 1.86 metres in length and the kitchen is complete, as it includes two hotplates and a sink with a glass lid, along with a large 85-litre fridge and a unit with practical drawers for storing cutlery and kitchenware.

The bathroom has a shower, which means that hot water is available to the occupants. They also have oil-fired central heating, which is perfect for travelling in winter (skiing, for example) while maintaining a comfortable climate.

The large fresh water tank holds 125 litres of clean water, while the grey and black water tanks hold 90 and 20 litres respectively. LED interior lighting, two skylights, windows with mosquito nets and sunblinds are standard equipment. 

Fiat Ducato Caravan Sierra

130 PS diesel engine

However, customers with a larger budget can supplement the Bunkervan Urban 4 with solar panels (for free electricity), a double bicycle rack and an exterior awning. By the way, the battery has a capacity of 95 Ah. 

As for the engine, this converted Ducato is powered by a turbo-diesel block from the well-known Multijet family, with 2.3 litres and 130 PS, which is coupled to a six-speed manual gearbox. Its main qualities are low fuel consumption and good reliability. 

The only thing left to talk about is the price. Neither Bunkervan nor Caravan Sierra (official dealer) offer prices on their respective websites, but we have found figures slightly above €60,000 (approx. £51,500), which is not bad for everything the vehicle has to offer. Just imagine the plans you can make with this complete camper van.... 

Source: Bunkervan