Volkswagen has been offering the latest version of the Multivan on the MQB platform since 2021. But until now, travelling fans have had to look down the tube when it comes to the California. And although the camper van's premiere is not too far off, the manufacturer is now launching a light version in advance in the form of the Good Night Package. What can it do and how much does it cost? We have the details!

The Good Night Package is available in two versions: The basic version includes a foldable bed, the ability to darken all windows (including the panoramic glass roof), storage pockets for storing the curtains and ventilation grilles (for the front side windows). The complete good-night package also includes two folding chairs and a foldable camping table.

Gallery: VW Multivan with Good Night Package

The foldable bed - consisting of a slatted frame and a mattress with a length of 2.02 metres and a width of 1.21 metres - rests on bolts firmly attached to the bodywork and not on the seats. This makes it possible to spread the bed over all the folded seats in the passenger compartment. Of course, you can also remove all the rear seats to use the space under the bed as storage space. When folded, the bed is located behind the seats in the second row or above the folded seats in the third row.

The curtains can be attached to the windscreen, rear window and side windows using integrated magnets or plastic insert cards. If the Multivan is equipped with the optional panoramic glass roof, you have the choice of either darkening the roof with the curtain or lying in bed and gazing at the starry night sky. Sturdy ventilation modules are clamped into the front side windows with the electric window regulators to allow sufficient fresh air into the interior during the night.

The packages can be ordered in Germany from VW as an option for the Multivan in all equipment and seat variants: the basic version costs €2,868 (approx. £2,500); if you also want the table and chairs, the manufacturer charges €3,356 (£2,875).