There are few cars as unique (and spartan) as the Lada Niva, but its unknown pick-up version is one of the most curious vehicles on the market. How would you like to have it for your work or leisure days in the countryside?

The truth is that there are versions of all kinds, with single and double cabs, and load volumes that can reach up to 3,500 litres. Ground clearance ranges from 20.5 to 24 cm, depending on the customer's needs. 

Gallery: Lada Niva Legend pick-up

This Russian pick-up, the most hard-working (dare I say it), can reach a maximum length of 4.44 metres, and the body varies between 1.77 and 2 metres in length - there's even a variant with a cold room!

What remains unchanged from the standard SUV is the design of the front end and the interior, which, as you know, makes no concessions to comfort. Comfort is not required of this vehicle either, but rather durability and reliability in the face of tough treatment. 

Lada Niva Legend pick-up truck

As you can see, there is a dedicated lever for the four-wheel drive system with centre differential lock, which this pick-up also inherits from the Niva, so there is no loss of traction in difficult conditions. 

Similarly, nothing changes mechanically, as the modest 1.7-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine with 83 PS is retained, linked to a five-speed manual gearbox. The Niva Legend pick-up can reach 68 mph and consumes no less than 12 litres per 100 km (23.5 mpg-UK). 

As a counterpoint to this high fuel consumption, the official price starts at less than £13,000 (approx. £11,200) in its country of origin. A real bargain in our European eyes. 

Russia's isolation since the invasion of Ukraine also affects all companies in the country, which is why AvtoVAZ unfortunately does not operate on our continent. In fact, the modern Lada Niva that was to emerge with the collaboration of Renault (there was even a teaser you have below) was completely stopped and discarded because of this war conflict. 

Source: Lada