The creation of a new work is an act of love. This is how Flavio Manzoni introduces the new Ferrari 12Cilindri, the latest from Maranello.

It is a two-seater Berlinetta with a peculiarity. It is a tribute, or rather more of an investment started four years ago, towards Enzo Ferrari's most beloved engine, the 12-cylinder. Once again, giving it the honour of the name.

I was able to see it inside the Maranello style centre, while some examples flew to Miami. It was in Florida that Ferrari decided to present it, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the overseas landing. Here is what it looks like outside and inside.

Ferrari 12Cilindri: the exterior

The richness of being in Maranello lies in one thing: talking to all the guys in the style centre analysing every minutiae and detail. So, that front fascia that you thought was an homage to the 1967 365 GTB...well, it is.

Work has been done via minimalism, and so the light clusters have been set into a single blade. And then there's the choice of the bonnet - so romantic and pure - which allows you, once opened, to admire the suspension layout.

Ferrari 12Cilindri

Yes, as a whole it is elegant, but also muscular with inspirations drawn from the world of science fiction - especially analysing it from the rear three-quarter view - and aeronautics, so it is also functional. 

Instead of an obvious rear spoiler, there is a diffuser surrounded by two active aerodynamic appendages, two flaps, reminiscent of those on fighter jets.

The main element remains the rear window, however, with this delta development that makes the whole thing look more elegant, especially considering the set back position of the cabin with such a high beltline, and with the cabin featuring a contrasting black roof.

Ferrari 12Cilindri

The issue, however, cannot be reduced to 'mere' aesthetics, because - as mentioned earlier when speaking of the flaps - form and function in a Ferrari go hand in hand. 

And so, we are talking about a profound chassis evolution seeking a different torsional rigidity, also working on the casting elements. A chassis that has a 20 mm shorter wheelbase than that of the 812 Superfast.

During the day, we were able to talk to the engineer in charge of the car's development, Gianmaria Fulgenzi, who also told us about load generation, which is fundamental in such a car.

And so, vertical load generation passes through the front end by a triple pair of vortex generators. Among other things, all this contributes to the cooling system of the braking system.

A brake-by-wire system - which also made it possible to adopt the ABS EVO already presented on the 296 GTB, or the 6W-CDS  sensor - allows the four wheels to work at their best, considering how this 12Cilindri is also equipped with a virtual short wheelbase and four-wheel steering system.  

The central bottom then directs air flows channelling them towards the rear where there are two vortex generators that aim to give load and direct the flows towards the extractor.  

Ferrari 12Cilindri
Ferrari 12Cilindri

Ferrari 12Cilindri: the dimensions

Model Length Width Height Wheelbase
Ferrari 12Cylinder 4.73 metres 2.17 metres 1.29 metres 2.70 metres

Ferrari 12Cilindri: the interior

The interior is a blend of elegance and sportiness, as a Gran Turismo of yesteryear wants to be. It draws inspiration from the dual cockpit architecture concept we have already seen on the Ferrari Roma or the Ferrari Purosangue. The structure is therefore practically symmetrical, composed of two modules for driver and passenger, but in this case, in addition to two monitors that make the experience autonomous for both, there is also a third additional monitor located on the dashboard, at the height of the central tunnel.

Ferrari 12Cilindri

The elegance and refinement of such an interior - obviously - is also the result of the materials and upholstery chosen. Not least, the desire to use a blacked-out roof integrated into the upper part of the cabin also converges with that desire to offer an experience that is as comfortable as it is sporty.

Then there is the steering wheel, which adopts the latest capacitive system, having further worked on the activation of the controls themselves, now more intuitive in terms of haptic feedback.

Also present is the connectivity system based on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto that can be managed via the same central display.

Available as optional equipment on the Ferrari 12Cilindri is the high-end audio system created in collaboration with Burmester, comprising 15 speakers generating a total power output of 1600W, because every now and then you also want to hear music other than that of the 12-cylinder.

Ferrari 12Cilindri

Ferrari 12Cilindri: the engine

So, let's talk about the beating heart, the 12-cylinder Ferrari. We are talking about a unit from the F140 generation, which started with the Enzo and then evolved with the Ferrari Icons, the 812 or the Purosangue.

This unit is capable of delivering 830 PS and 678 Nm but, above all, it reaches a rotational speed of 9500 rpm, with torque reaching 80% of its maximum already at 2500 rpm. This was made possible by working on the details, on the components: titanium connecting rods, forged aluminium pistons, reducing the weight of the engine by 3% compared to the 812 Competizione.

Ferrari 12Cilindri

The work on the mechanics was really important. You sense this from the meetings and words of discussion with Gianmaria Fulgenzi, head of development for the project immediately after the launch. He explains every element in detail, and you understand the relationship born of racing experience, of Formula 1.  

The opening and closing of the valves, to give an example, is given by the sliding finger to reduce the translating mass, and have better valve lift profiles. It is made of Diamond-like carbon, DLC, and transmits the motion from the cam to the valve with a hydraulic tappet that acts as a pivot. They also worked on the torque curve, intervening on the variable geometry trumpet system, and at software level, with a refined strategy.

Here, make a note of this acronym: ATS - Aspirated Torque Shaping - it made it possible to fine-tune the torque in third and fourth gears of the 8-speed DCT with a new bevel gear.  

Ferrari 12Cilindri

And then I must also highlight the introduction of new final drive ratios, the optimisation of the mechanical efficiency of the engine and the oil circuit with a solenoid valve, the electro-injectors that manage up to three injections per engine cycle, or the new exhaust system developed to optimise that harmony of sound that only a 12-cylinder, let's face it, is able to offer with its harmonics, but also to comply with emission regulations.

There, now you can guess what the term 'investment' I used earlier means.  

Ferrari 12Cilindri: versions and prices

The Ferrari 12Cilindri will be offered in two versions. In addition to the Coupé, during the day, we were also shown - as a surprise - the Spider version, in 'Verde Toscana' hue. A model that, according to Maranello's forecasts, could reach, if not exceed, 50 per cent of the bookings by customers of the House of Enzo Ferrari. 

Gallery: Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider

The price of the Ferrari 12Cilindri will start at €395,000 (approx. £338,000) including VAT and taxes, while the Spider will start at €435,000 (£372,000). First deliveries will arrive in late 2024 and early 2025, respectively.

Gallery: Ferrari 12Cilindri