The year is 2024, and while all car manufacturers around the world are preparing for the end of the combustion engine, sooner or later depending on the region, Aston Martin is simply presenting a new V12 engine. Yes, you read that right. The British brand has developed a new twelve-cylinder unit that is to be transplanted immediately into the manufacturer's most exclusive and limited models.

But why? Aston Martin initially justifies the move with a sense of tradition. The brand's flagship models have been powered by twelve-cylinder engines for 25 years and the company wants (and perhaps needs) to build on this. According to the manufacturer, the engine is "a prime example of the extraordinary capabilities of in-house engineering and an advocate of emotional commitment".

Figures? 835 PS and 737 pound-feet of torque can be found in the twin-turbo unit's data sheet. The new engine is the result of a completely new design. The size of the displacement is not yet specified, but you can assume that it is a further development of the existing 5.2-litre engines from the current DBS or the Vantage, for example.

The hardware highlights of the new V12 engine include a reinforced cylinder block and connecting rods, redesigned cylinder heads with newly profiled camshafts and new intake and exhaust ports. Repositioned spark plugs and new injection nozzles with a higher flow rate ensure optimised combustion. In addition, new turbochargers with a higher speed and lower moment of inertia ensure improved performance and throttle response.

"The V12 engine has long been a symbol of power and prestige, but it is also an expression of passion and technical expertise. With 835 hp and 1,000 Nm of torque, this unrivalled engine represents nothing less than the dawn of a glorious new V12 era for Aston Martin."

Roberto Fedeli - Chief Technical Officer of Aston Martin

It will make its first appearance in a new flagship model and will form the centrepiece of a "dynamic disruptor" (in Aston Martin's words) that will debut later in 2024. Further technical details about the power unit, which will be hand-built in strictly limited numbers, will also be announced at that time.