There are opportunities not to be missed and I think this second-hand Volkswagen California camper, called the Rapido Van V55, is one of them. It costs just €33,000 (approx. £28,000) and is available for immediate delivery.

Granted, you can argue that it is a 2007 vehicle, but it hasn't covered many kilometres, 139,500 (86,681 miles) to be precise, and judging by the photos, it has been well looked after and on top of that it offers a really complete range of equipment. 

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For example, it has four seats for travelling and four sleeping places, thanks to an electrically liftable roof, making it the perfect camper for travelling with family or friends. 

The camper van also includes a full kitchen with a two-burner cooker, fridge and sink. Not to mention an air conditioning system in the passenger compartment, ideal for keeping you comfortable while you're inside. 

Volkswagen California camper 2007
Volkswagen California camper 2007

And if the weather is nice, there's nothing better than unfolding the integrated side awning and enjoying the shade with a set of chairs that comes included. Do you like to ride your bike wherever you go? That's perfect, because there's a bike rack in the back of the California. 

There's no shortage of sunblinds and heated seats either, as well as a spacious wardrobe and a number of hidden storage compartments. The van is really well utilised.  

Another plus is that it is not very big, just 4.90 metres long, so it can be taken to any destination, such as a picturesque village with narrow streets. What's more, it can also be stored in many garages, as it is no more than 2 metres high. 

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the turbodiesel engine is a 2.5-litre TDI block that works together with a six-speed manual gearbox. This van is located in Girona, Spain and is marketed through the Camper Park Empordà dealership. You have more information in the following link.

Source: Mundovan